Eating too full is easy to support the body disease. If you want to achieve seven or eight full, you should stick to eating carefully and swallow slowly

. We all follow the principle that we can’t eat less than three meals a day. However, if we eat too much in one meal, it will do great harm to our health. We should balance the three meals, and we can’t overeat. If we eat too much in one meal, it will harm our health. We all know that eating too full is not good, but the specific hazards are limited to obesity and intestines and stomach. In fact, there are many hazards of eating too full. We advocate that eating seven or eight cents per meal is just right. Now follow to understand it!

Too much to eat & lt; Support & quot; Ten diseases

health education expert Hong Zhaoguang said: & lt; In ancient times, the stomach not only digested, but also played the role of reserve. It was no problem to eat a full meal and starve for three days; Now people eat well every day. If a person’s stomach can hold 1 jin of food every day, only half of it needs to be filled, which is enough for the day. Otherwise, it will only overload the body and cause a series of health problems& rdquo;

1. Obesity: modern people often eat high-fat and high protein food, which is more difficult to digest and redundant; Nutrients & quot; Accumulation in the body, the result is obesity and a series of rich diseases& ldquo; Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that obesity can bring about cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, cholecystitis, and so on, and the resulting complications may reach hundreds of species. rdquo; Hong Zhaoguang said.

2. Stomach disease: the direct harm brought by overeating is the aggravation of gastrointestinal burden and dyspepsia. In addition, human gastric epithelial cells have a short life span and should be repaired every 2-3 days. If the last meal is not digested, and the next meal is filled up, the stomach is always in a state of fullness, the gastric mucosa is not easy to get the opportunity to repair. The stomach secretes a large amount of gastric juice, which will destroy the gastric mucosa, barrier, produce gastric inflammation and dyspepsia symptoms. In the long run, gastric erosion, gastric ulcer and other diseases may occur.

3. Intestinal diseases: scientists in Taiwan, China have found that fat blockage in the intestine can cause intestinal obstruction, with black and bloody stools.

4. Fatigue: eat too much, will cause brain slow reaction, accelerate brain aging. When people are full, their blood runs to the gastrointestinal system; Work & quot; It is easy to make people tired and drowsy for a long time.

5. Cancer: Japanese scientists have pointed out that eating too much can reduce the activity of cancer suppressor and increase the risk of cancer. Alzheimer’s disease: Japanese experts also found that about 30% – 40% of Alzheimer’s patients have a long-term satiety habit in their youth.

7. Osteoporosis: long term satiety is easy to cause excessive bone decalcification, and the probability of suffering from osteoporosis will be greatly increased.

8. Kidney disease: excessive diet can damage the urinary system, because too much non protein nitrogen is excreted from the kidney, which is bound to increase the burden on the kidney.

9. Acute pancreatitis: eating too much dinner and drinking too much alcohol can easily induce acute pancreatitis.

10. Neurasthenia: if you have too much dinner, the bulging stomach and intestines will oppress the surrounding organs and make you excited; Waves & quot; Spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, induce neurasthenia.

What’s it like to be full?

when it comes to seven or eight full, many people certainly don’t have any concept, and they don’t know how to judge. The following data will tell you exactly what is seven or eight full.

six full: a little full, I feel I can eat a little more

seven eight full: full, I feel I can eat, but I don’t eat

eight full: a little more, My stomach is full: I can’t eat anything any more” />

If you insist on seven or eight points of satiety, you can do this: 6667

1, drink soup before meals, which helps to reduce appetite, because after the soup reaches the stomach, the excitability of appetite center will decrease, The amount of food will be automatically reduced by one third, so that the sense of fullness appears ahead of time.

2. Chew slowly, that is, eat slowly. It takes 20 to 30 minutes for the stomach to convey the message of fullness to the brain, so eating slower means that the brain realizes that when you are full, you will eat less than usual.

3. Leave the table as soon as you should. Some people eat almost, sit there still do not go, looking at the good things on the table can not control to eat again, so there will be more.

4. Don’t be afraid to waste leftovers. Some people have eaten seven or eight full, can see so good food left too wasteful, and picked up chopsticks to clean it. Don’t you know, this cleaning must be too full.

5. Choose foods with more fiber and water. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and soups, which fill the stomach because they take up more stomach space. Avoid eating large amounts of low fiber dry foods, such as pretzels or biscuits, which tend to overeat without feeling full.

control yourself well in every meal. Don’t overeat or eat too much.

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