Eating too much dinner has these hazards

eating too much dinner has these hazards

1. Overeating can cause brain slow response and accelerate brain aging. When people are full, their blood runs to the gastrointestinal system; Work & quot; It is easy to make people tired and drowsy for a long time.

2. The direct harm of overeating is the aggravation of gastrointestinal burden and dyspepsia. Moreover, if the stomach is always in a state of fullness, the gastric mucosa is not easy to get the opportunity to repair. A large number of gastric juice secreted by the stomach will damage the gastric mucosa, and it is very easy to have gastric perforation, gastric erosion, gastric ulcer and other diseases. If you eat too much, it will lead to over nutrition, increase the burden of various organs in the body and abnormal development, so that the body stores too much energy, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Overeating can damage the urinary system, because too much non protein nitrogen is excreted from the kidney, which is bound to increase the burden on the kidney.

5. Overeating can reduce the activity of genetic factors that inhibit cell carcinogenesis and increase the possibility of cancer. Moreover, clinical data fully prove that obesity can increase the risk of cancer.

6. If you are too full for dinner, the bulging stomach and intestines will cause pressure on the surrounding organs, making you excited; Waves & quot; Spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, induce neurasthenia.

in addition, eating too much will make bone decalcification, the probability of osteoporosis will increase. If you eat too much dinner, plus drinking too much, it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis.

is it OK to lose weight without dinner?

in recent years, weight loss has been a hot topic, and various online weight loss recipes emerge in endlessly. Recently, a popular way to lose weight is not to eat dinner. So how about not having dinner? There are still some controversies on this issue. Some people think that not eating dinner is a healthy behavior, because Buddhism has & lt; Don’t eat at noon; In ancient China, there were some emperors in order to live a long life; Don’t eat at noon; It’s not a habit.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that it’s a bad habit not to eat dinner. We say that the time for food to digest in the stomach is about four or five hours. If we don’t eat dinner, the food at noon will be digested at five or six o’clock in the afternoon. Our living habits of modern people probably go to bed after nine o’clock. Some night owls even go to bed in the early morning, People in sleep, gastrointestinal activity will be reduced. Then there is a few hours interval between digestion and sleep. During this period, our stomach is still in an active state, but it is less active than when there is food, but there will still be gastric acid secretion. If we don’t eat dinner, the gastric acid in our stomach will cause certain damage to our stomach. If we don’t eat dinner for a long time, As time goes by, you will get stomach disease, and in severe cases, it may even lead to gastric cancer. So we say that dinner must be eaten.

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