Eating too much salt can cause these symptoms

Eating too much salt will have these symptoms. Eating too much salt will have these symptoms.


research results show that compared with people who take 1500 mg sodium a day, adults who take 3500 mg sodium a day are nearly one third more likely to have headache.

mouth dry

if you feel like eating a cotton ball, it may be the fault of eating too much salt. After eating foods that contain a lot of sodium, the body feels that the salt and water levels are out of balance. In order to restore balance, you need to drink more water. As a result, the brain signals thirst, prompting you to binge.

reaction slows down

eating too much salt will make people dehydrate, and dehydration will make people’s ability to think clearly suddenly decline. The results show that mild dehydration can lead to poor performance in cognitive function tests, which measure attention, memory, reasoning ability and reaction time, compared with adequate water in the body. In addition, dehydration can also make people’s emotions plummet.

fingers become thicker

* if your weight does not increase, suddenly the ring worn by you feels smaller than two, which is probably caused by water retention. This can happen if you’ve been eating too much salt recently. The body is a complex machine, it must maintain the balance of body fluids and electrolytes. If you take too much sodium, the brain triggers the release of a hormone that tells the body to keep as much water as possible to prevent physiological disorders.

always want to urinate

drinking too much water is not the only reason for frequent urination. Surprisingly, too much salt has the same effect. When too much salt enters the body, the kidneys work overtime to remove the excess salt, resulting in an increase in urine volume.

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