Eating too much sugar is easy to cause 7 kinds of diseases. Beware of invisible sugar food

almost every child can’t resist the temptation of candy, but most parents don’t let their children eat candy, because eating too much sugar is very harmful to their health. At the same time, parents should pay attention to some & lt; Invisible sugar & quot; It’s the existence of the world. Now let’s take a look at the dangers of eating too much sugar.

the harm of eating too much sugar

1, will lead to dental caries

often eat sugar and do not gargle in time, it is very easy to suffer from dental caries (tooth decay) and a variety of oral diseases. Dental and oral diseases can bring us a lot of troubles in eating.

2, cause anorexia

, too much sweet food, make blood sugar rise, inhibit appetite, rely on sweet taste. It is also an important cause of anorexia in some children.

3, leading to fracture

the metabolism of white sugar in the body needs to consume a variety of vitamins and minerals, therefore, often eating sugar will cause vitamin deficiency, calcium deficiency, potassium deficiency and other nutritional problems. Japanese nutritionists believe that too much sweet food is an important reason for the increase of fracture rate in children; American nutritionists also pointed out that children who love sweet food have a higher fracture rate.

4, reduce nutrient absorption

children often eat sugar, especially fasting sugar, can damage the body’s absorption of protein and other important nutrients, affect physical development and intellectual development. British physiologist Dr. Harding found through experiments that the combination of sugar and protein can change the original molecular structure of protein and become a kind of condensed substance, which not only reduces the nutritional value, but also is difficult to absorb.

5, causing obesity

sugar is also a productivity nutrient, which has a great effect on the human body. When sugar enters the human body, one part is decomposed under the action of insulin to supply the energy needed by the human body, and the other part is also synthesized and stored under the action of insulin for emergency use. In the course of time, however, the body is bound to have a high level of glucose, and more sugar will be converted into fat and stored in the body. Obesity will cause obesity for many years, and obesity can cause many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

, the body that causes

people with diabetes has the ability to recognize. When eating a large amount of carbohydrate food, the pancreas will work hard and secrete insulin desperately to decompose the sugar and synthesize glycogen. If a person often takes a lot of sugar, the insulin will often work overloaded, and every organ in the body has a life expectancy. Overload work will lead to premature failure, and sooner or later it will not work. At this time, diabetes will happen.

7, cause gout

excessive sugar is easy to lead to the formation of endogenous uric acid in the human body, and high uric acid is easy to cause gout, gout this disease is really torture people, can’t die, but pain want to die. It has a nickname & lt; Cancer of immortality;, A survey in the United States shows that incidence rate of gout in a large number of people who drink sweet drinks is 120 times higher than those who do not drink sweet drinks. Visible, the harm of excessive sugar is how terrible.

with & lt; Invisible sugar & quot; Zero fat is not equal to no sugar, especially yogurt. It often carries sugar to maintain the flavor and texture after fat removal. 150 grams (5 ounces) of partially zero fat yogurt can contain as much as 20 grams (0, 7 ounces) of sugar& mdash; It’s five teaspoons. That’s more than half the recommended daily sugar intake for women, 50 grams (1, 7 ounces). For men, it’s 70 grams (2, 5 ounces).

2, spaghetti sauce

spaghetti sauce with tomato as the main ingredient has certain health effects, but the spaghetti sauce bought from the store may add sugar to reduce its acidity. One third of a medium-sized bottle, about 150 grams, may contain more than 13 grams of white sugar. About three tablespoons of sugar.

3, cold cabbages

although most of the cold cabbages are chopped vegetables, they also contain sugar. Mayonnaise is to blame. From the store to buy a spoonful of cold cabbage, about 50 grams, of which the sugar content can be as high as 4 grams. How many spoons of cold cabbage is equivalent to how many spoons of sugar. Remember: Delicious sauces are often high in sugar.

4, bread

the last one is a staple food for many people every day& mdash; Bread. The amount of sugar distributed on each piece of bread varies, but can be as high as 3 grams. Some sugars form naturally during baking, but often they are added artificially. Sometimes salty food doesn’t mean low sugar.

warm reminder: almost all sweet foods contain a lot of sweeteners made of sugar or syrup. It is recommended that the total amount of white sugar should be about 30-40g per day, that is, not more than 10% of the total carbohydrate per day.

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