Eating too much sweet is easy to fatigue

Eating too much sweet is easy to get tired. Eating too much sweet is easy to get tired. When you feel tired, do you want to eat sweet food? As far as I know, many students will eat chocolate when they stay up late to prepare for the exam. We all think that chocolate can not only provide enough energy, but also some students will think that eating chocolate can concentrate. After exercise, compared with drinking boiled water, more people will choose sweet sports drinks.

it is well known that people’s blood sugar will rise sharply in a short time after eating foods rich in sugar. At this time, people may be able to focus in a short time, but this effect is only temporary. In order to quickly reduce the high blood glucose, the brain will issue instructions, resulting in excessive insulin secretion, but may cause the adult in a state of hypoglycemia, weakness, inattention, irritability and other conditions.

once people are in the state of hypoglycemia, they will want to eat sweets more. After eating sweets, blood sugar will rise rapidly again in a short time. This creates a vicious circle in which blood sugar rises and falls repeatedly.

in addition, when people’s daily vitamin intake is insufficient, they are also prone to fatigue. Because when people metabolize energy sources such as sugar and fat, they need to use a lot of B vitamins in the body. Once the sweet food intake is too much, it will lead to insufficient storage of B vitamins in the body, and then make people feel tired. Therefore, it can also be said that it is not only sweets that increase fatigue.

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