Eating whole wheat can prolong life span

Eating whole wheat food can prolong life span

eating whole wheat food can prolong life span

want to live a healthy life and prolong life span? It’s very simple. Just eat more whole wheat. According to a report published by the Harvard School of public health, eating more wholemeal foods reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes and prolongs life expectancy, according to the British report.

research data showed that compared with the average daily intake of only 3.98 grams of whole wheat, the average daily intake of 34 grams of whole wheat had a 17% lower early death rate. The results are still valid considering other health-related factors such as obesity and exercise. In addition, a large intake of wholemeal food can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases and diabetes by 11% and 48% respectively. A large intake of cereal fiber can reduce 15% and 34% of the risk of cancer and diabetes respectively.

it is understood that the study covered 500000 members of the NIH-AARP diet and health research organization, aged over 50, from California, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, as well as the metropolitan areas of Georgia and Detroit.

in 1993, volunteers filled out a questionnaire about their health and diet, which included information about the frequency, type and amount of food they ate. In the initial questionnaire, volunteers with cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes were excluded, and 367442 volunteers continued to participate in the research, with an average duration of 14 years.

the researchers said that because the study was observational, they could not fully confirm that whole grain foods and cereal fiber reduced people’s risk of the disease. But they believe that the cereal fiber in those foods has a protective effect. Anyway, eating more whole grains and cereal fiber sounds like a lot of good.

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