Edible methods and precautions of eggplant

Eating methods and precautions of eggplant:

eating methods and precautions of eggplant: 6667

eating methods of eggplant: both meat and vegetables are suitable. It can be fried, burned, steamed, boiled, fried, cold mixed and made into soup. Eat eggplant had better not peel, because eggplant skin contains vitamin B. Vitamin B and vitamin C are a good partner. Vitamin B is needed in the metabolism of vitamin C. eating eggplant with skin helps to promote the absorption of vitamin C.

so what’s the story of eggplant poisoning? It turns out that there is a substance called solanine in eggplant, which has the function of anti-oxidation and inhibiting cancer cells, and is one of the sources of eggplant health care; But it has a strong stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and has an anesthetic effect on the respiratory center. When the intake of human body is too high, poisoning will occur. The best way to prevent solanine poisoning is to control the intake. However, under normal circumstances, a meal of about 250 grams of eggplant will not cause any discomfort, so there is no need to panic.


1, eat with pork, can reduce cholesterol absorption, stable blood pressure, can also prevent purpura.

2, eat with balsam pear, balsam pear can relieve fatigue, clear heart and clear eyes, replenish qi and strengthen Yang, delay aging and so on. Eggplant has the functions of removing pain and activating blood circulation, clearing heat and detumescence, relieving pain and diuresis, preventing vascular rupture, smoothing blood pressure and relieving cough. They are ideal for cardiovascular patients.


1, eggplant is cold, pregnant women should not eat eggplant, especially autumn eggplant is more harmful. Li Shizhen recorded in compendium of materia medica: & lt; Eat more eggplant will be abdominal pain, women can also hurt the uterus& rdquo;

2. Eat with crab meat. Eggplant and crab meat are cold food, eating together often makes the stomach uncomfortable, serious will lead to diarrhea, especially the spleen and stomach deficiency cold people should avoid food.

cooking eggplant tips

1, prevent vitamin P loss

fried eggplant is a common dish on the table, because eggplant is cold, fried eggplant will not make people angry. But fried eggplant will cause a lot of loss of vitamin P, at this time, if hanging paste and sizing after frying can reduce this loss.

2, prevent eggplant blackening

cut eggplant can be soaked in water, and then fished out before cooking, which can prevent eggplant blackening.

3, oil saving tips for frying eggplant

when frying eggplant, sprinkle the cut eggplant with salt, mix well, stir for about 15 minutes, squeeze out the exuding red and black water, stir without soup, stir repeatedly until completely soft. Then, according to their own taste into a variety of spices, this method, both fuel-efficient, delicious.

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