Eggs can’t be eaten indiscriminately. Don’t eat the food after eating eggs

eggs are one of the good nutritions. They are rich in a variety of essential substances for human body. Eggs can be good or bad. Some bad eggs can’t be eaten. Even if you eat good eggs, you should also pay attention to the restriction of food. There are also taboos after eating eggs. Remind me to tell my family.

Six kinds of eggs can not be eaten

1, moldy eggs

, if you find black spots on the eggshell and moldy, this kind of eggs must not be eaten. Under normal circumstances, this kind of egg is due to rain or damp, bacteria take the opportunity to enter the egg, leading to mildew.

2, cracked eggs

most of the reasons for cracks in the eggshell are due to excessive vibration, resulting in cracks in the eggshell, resulting in bacterial invasion, so this kind of eggs is not suitable to eat.

3 and

are two reasons for egg yolk: one is the rupture of yolk membrane caused by violent oscillation; Second, it is stored for a long time, and is invaded by bacteria or molds through the eggshell pores, resulting in the destruction of the protein structure, resulting in loose yolk and thin and turbid egg liquid. But it’s not that you can’t eat loose yellow. If you don’t find a peculiar smell, you can still eat it after boiling and other high-temperature treatment. But if bacteria reproduce in the egg body, the protein has denatured, and there is a bad smell, you can’t eat it.

4, sticky shell eggs

this kind of eggs because of long storage time, egg yolk film from tough to weak, yolk close to the eggshell, if the part is red can also eat, but the egg film close to the eggshell does not move, sticking skin is dark black, and there is a peculiar smell, it is not suitable to eat.

5, dead eggs

eggs in the incubation process due to bacterial or parasitic contamination, coupled with poor temperature, humidity conditions and other reasons, resulting in embryo stop development of the egg called dead eggs. The nutrition of this kind of egg has changed. If it dies for a long time, the protein will be decomposed to produce a variety of toxic substances, so it is not suitable for eating.

6, rotten egg

. This kind of egg is very obvious, and you can smell the bad smell as soon as you open it. This is because bacteria invade the egg and multiply in large quantities, resulting in deterioration, and the eggshell is dark gray. The mixture in the egg is grayish green or dark yellow, and has a foul smell. If you eat this kind of egg, it is easy to cause bacterial poisoning.

How to choose fresh eggs

a look: to see the color of the eggshell, cleanliness, whether there are cracks, etc. Fresh eggshell is complete, dull, with a layer of white powder on the surface. Touching the eggshell by hand has a rough feeling.

two shakes: when buying eggs, hold the eggs with your thumb, index finger and middle finger and shake them. Those who have no sound are fresh eggs, while those who have sound are bad ones. If there is no sound, the whole egg gas chamber and yolk are complete; If there is a sound, it may be old eggs.

three light: hold the egg with your hand, observe the light, the egg protein and yolk are clear, translucent, and there is a small gas chamber at one end. If the egg is not fresh, it is gray and dark, and the empty room is large; Old or deteriorated eggs will have stains.

in addition, if you want to judge whether the eggs you have bought are fresh, you can also use the ups and downs method. Put the eggs in clean water. The eggs with the tip down are fresh. Buy home eggs, if the surface is not particularly dirty, had better not clean, small head down, put in the refrigerator can be refrigerated.

Don’t eat five kinds of food after eating eggs

don’t eat persimmon immediately

eating persimmon after eating eggs will lead to food poisoning. In general, it will lead to acute gastroenteritis and lung stones. Generally speaking, the two kinds of food at the same time will lead to vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain based symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. So if taking time in 1-2 hours, can use emetic method. Immediately take 20g salt and 200ml boiled water to dissolve, and drink it once after cooling. If you don’t vomit, you can drink it several times to promote vomit quickly. Or you can mash fresh ginger and take the juice with warm water. If you take it for a long time, take some laxatives as soon as possible to eliminate the toxic substances from the body.

don’t eat sugar immediately

eggs can’t be cooked with monosodium glutamate, I believe many housewives already know. But you may not know that eggs can’t be boiled with sugar, or sugar can’t be eaten after eating eggs. Many places have the habit of eating poached eggs in sugar water. In fact, it will make the amino acids in egg protein form fructosyllysine complexes. And this kind of material is not easy to be absorbed by the human body, so it will have adverse effects on health.

don’t drink Soybean milk immediately

every morning, mothers will carefully prepare breakfast for their children. Hope that children can get adequate nutrition in the early morning. So a lot of mothers will put egg flower in soybean milk. Or let the children quench their thirst with soybean milk after eating the eggs.

The best way to eat is

[the most nutritious cooking method]:

there are many ways to eat eggs. In terms of nutrient absorption and digestibility, boiled eggs are 100%, scrambled eggs are 97%, tender fried eggs are 98%, old fried eggs are 81.1%, boiled eggs are 100%, fried eggs are 97%, fried eggs are 98%, fried eggs are 81.1% The percentage of eggs washed with milk was 92.5%, and that of raw was 30% – 50%. Therefore, boiled eggs is the best way to eat, but we should pay attention to chew slowly, otherwise it will affect the absorption and digestion. However, steamed egg soup and egg flower soup are the most suitable for children, because they can relax the protein and are easily digested and absorbed by children. Note: tea eggs should be eaten less, because tea contains acidic substances, combined with iron in eggs, which will stimulate the stomach and affect the digestive function of gastrointestinal tract.

[how many eggs to eat a day]:

eggs are high protein food. If you eat too much, it can lead to increased metabolites and increase the burden on the kidney. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for children and the elderly to eat one egg a day, and for teenagers and adults to eat two eggs a day.

[better protein or yolk]:

the correct way to eat is to eat the whole egg, which contains more protein in the protein, while the other nutrients are more in the yolk.

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