Eight kinds of foods that can keep healthy:

Eight kinds of healthy food

eight kinds of healthy food

green tea helps to lose weight.

according to a report of the American Nutrition Association, scientists have found that exercisers who drink green tea lose weight twice as much as exercisers who don’t drink green tea and lose more abdominal fat overall.

olive oil can prevent wrinkles.

people who eat olive oil more often have fewer wrinkles than those who eat a lot of butter. Monounsaturated fat plays a key role in olive oil. Avocado also has the same anti wrinkle effect, and is rich in cellulose and B vitamins.

cheese can prevent dental caries.

forget to brush your teeth? Then have some cheese. The study found that eating 1 / 4 ounces of cheese can improve oral pH, prevent dental caries and protect teeth.

orange juice helps to relieve alcohol. The fructose in orange juice can accelerate the alcohol metabolism by 25%. Vitamin C also helps prevent cell damage caused by drunkenness.

sugar to stop belching.

a study found that eating 1 teaspoon of sugar when burping can achieve 95% anti burping effect.

chocolate milk grows muscle.

the latest research found that chocolate milk is the best for muscle recovery and growth.

sports drink + jam bread, relieve the hangover.

sports drinks help make up for dehydration and electrolyte loss caused by drunkenness. Fructose in jam helps to metabolize alcohol, and easy to digest bread provides energy for the body.

oats + bananas + walnuts, help sleep.

“ Warm milk helps sleep; It’s a misconception that proteins in milk can lower serotonin levels, leading to delayed sleep. In fact, oats with banana slices and walnuts can help raise melatonin levels and make it easier to fall asleep.

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