Eight things you must know about eating fruit

fruit generally has the following four characteristics: first, it is rich in juice; 2、 It contains more soluble sugar and many volatile aromatic substances; 3、 Usually eaten raw; 4、 It can be eaten independently of three meals. The debate about eating fruit never seems to stop. Xiaobian will give you some suggestions on these questions.

eight things you must know about eating fruit if you can eat fruit

1 ~ 2 fruits per day

fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, low sodium and high potassium. They are good food for modern people. However, fruit contains a lot of sugar, so it’s not good to eat too much《 The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggest that adults should consume 200 ~ 400 grams of fruit every day. According to common fruits, such as apples, pears, oranges, etc., ordinary people can eat 1 ~ 2 a day.

can be eaten between meals

eat fruit before meals or after meals? Generally speaking, eating fruit before meals helps to reduce food intake and control weight at dinner, but if people with weak intestines and stomach, eating fruit on an empty stomach may cause discomfort. Eating fruit after meals may cause excess energy, hinder the absorption of minerals and other nutrients, and increase the burden on the intestines and stomach. Therefore, the safest way is to eat fruit 1 hour after the meal.

if you can eat fruit, don’t squeeze fruit juice.

you need to filter the residue to make fruit juice, but these residues are rich in nutrients, such as dietary fiber, which is good for enhancing satiety and reducing cholesterol absorption. In addition, in the process of juicing, because the cell wall of fruit is broken, vitamin C and antioxidants will also be damaged to a certain extent. Therefore, the nutrition of fruit juice is not as good as that of fruit. Fresh juice must be squeezed and drunk now.

can’t replace vegetables with fruits

on the whole, the nutritional value of fruits can’t compare with vegetables. In addition to jujube, kiwi fruit, citrus, strawberry, hawthorn and a few other fruits, the vitamin content of most fruits is low. When it comes to carotene, there is a greater difference between fruits and vegetables. Except mango, citrus and yellow apricot, the content of carotene in other fruits is very little. The content of trace elements such as calcium and iron can not be compared with that of fruits and green vegetables. In addition, the sugar content of vegetables is usually very low and the calories are also low. Eating more will not affect the calorie intake. If you eat too much fruit, you worry about too much sugar.

fruits are equal. You can eat them by changing kinds

what do people always think about & ldquo; King of fruit& ldquo; Fruit Queen & rdquo; Interested, in fact, the same fruit has different nutritional values. To eat fruit, you should also eat it in various varieties and colors. Don’t be superstitious about which kind of fruit has high nutrition. Just eat one or two kinds of fruit.

can’t eat fruit alone for dinner

although fruit is rich in sugar, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, it also lacks fat, protein and fat soluble vitamins. Relying solely on fruit to solve a meal is far from reaching the standard of nutritional diet.

it’s unscientific to lose weight by fruit alone

eating fruit can’t lose weight. First, as mentioned earlier, the nutrition of fruits is uneven. Second, the calories of many fruits are not low. It is not only difficult to lose weight by fruit alone, but even if you succeed, you may lose your complexion and physical strength.

diabetic patients can eat low fructose fruits in a stable glucose condition. Can

diabetic patients eat fruits? The answer is yes. The premise is to ensure stable blood sugar and pay attention to controlling the amount of fruit. People with diabetes can choose more fruits that are less affected by blood sugar, such as grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, cherries and so on.

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