Eight unusual uses of coffee: it can eliminate fat and odor, and has a remarkable effect

1. It can remove refrigerator odor

. Besides tea, lemon and orange peel, freshly ground coffee powder also has the same effect. One or two days later, the refrigerator not only has no smell, but also makes you want to drink coffee when you smell it.

445552. Reducing cellulite

there is almost one main ingredient in high price cellulite removing cream. It is said that it can accelerate metabolism and reduce the accumulation of fat mass. To remove the cellulite by yourself, just mix the used hot coffee grounds with coconut oil, apply it in circles on the skin for a few minutes, and then wash it.

445553. Remove the smell on hands

garlic and seafood are delicious to burn, but the smell on hands is a bit annoying. It’s like eating crabs and washing your hands with lemonade. Wipe your hands with used coffee grounds and then rinse them with hot water to remove the odor on your hands.

445554. Brighten hair

make a pot of espresso, cool it, apply it on clean, blow dry hair, maintain for at least 20 minutes, and then rinse. Do it once a week, and you’ll see the effect slowly (though it may not last long).

445555. Remove ants

this should be very useful in Singapore, because there are too many ants in star country! Sprinkle the dry coffee grounds where the ants are, and the ants will retreat. I don’t know if this effect will be better than chalk enclosure. Not all plants like acidic environment. But for those who like it, like blueberries, like flowers, like oyster mushrooms, pouring coffee grounds into the roots of plants can make them grow faster and better.

445557. Recipe

with a little coffee will make your dishes taste different from yours, especially in chili, shower and chocolate cake. If you add a little coffee to the steak, it will not only make the meat more tender, but also have a strong smoky taste.

445558. Furniture traces

if there are scratches on wooden furniture, wipe them with a cloth soaked in coffee, and the scratches will soon disappear.

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