Enzymes are really very important. According to our own physical condition, we make our own enzymes

, which we learned in biology class in middle school; Enzymes;, It’s not a newly invented word in nutrition. What we usually say & quot; Enzyme & quot; Refers to & lt; In vitro enzymes;, That is & quot; Food enzymes;. Because the human body itself can produce enzymes, that is & lt; Enzymes in the body;. Now follow to understand it!

Are enzymes really important?

there are about 5000 kinds of enzymes in human and mammals. Enzyme is a kind of biocatalyst. Each enzyme corresponds to a kind of physiological activity within its scope of responsibility. Just like we go to work, each enzyme performs its own duties. If a person asks for leave and does not go to work, his work will be slowed down or shelved, and the progress of the whole department or even the company will be affected. For example, we often hear that SOD (superoxide dismutase) is a kind of meritorious enzyme that helps us to clean up the garbage in our body and resist oxidation. Most enzymes can increase the rate of reactions they catalyze by millions of times. Therefore, the more enzymes in the human body, the more complete the species, the more conducive to various physiological activities, the healthier the life. When the human body has no active enzyme (active enzyme), life ends. Most of human diseases are related to enzyme deficiency or enzyme synthesis disorder.

we found that most plants (food) in nature grow in the environment below 45 ℃, which is the factory setting of nature. Therefore, most plants do not like the high temperature above 45 ℃. When the temperature exceeds 40 ℃, the first thing that plants (food) do not tolerate is enzymes, which will gradually lose their activity. At 60-80 ℃, most enzymes will be destroyed and irreversibly denatured; When the temperature is close to 100 ℃, the catalysis of the enzyme is completely lost. In addition, a large number of valuable phytochemicals in plants were killed.

therefore, the temperature of daily food is related to food nutrition and our health.

Why supplement enzymes?

some people will always ask this question: the human body can already produce enzymes, why do we need to supplement them?

because the amount of enzymes produced by our body is not unlimited. It is closely related to our physical condition and age (the better our physical condition is, the younger our age is, the more enzymes we synthesize in our body). As a result, with age, everyone’s enzymes will gradually decrease. This is the same as other nutrients that our body can synthesize, such as protein. The synthesis of protein decreases and the metabolism of protein increases.

in addition, with the rapid development of social economy, people advocate self-made enzyme

. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain trace enzymes. When they are put together with sugar in sealed bottles, violent fermentation reaction and enzymatic reaction will occur, which greatly improves the enzyme activity in food. All kinds of food materials contain different enzymes, which can be produced according to their own physical conditions.

1, heart protecting enzyme

, pineapple (peeled) 800g, rock sugar 150g, lemon 1, put the ingredients into a big bottle and seal, the production time is about 15 days.

efficacy: pineapple enzyme can not only reduce the level of cholesterol in blood, but also inhibit platelet aggregation, accelerate the decomposition of fibrinogen, promote blood circulation, and has a certain heart protection effect.

is suitable for < a;

500 grams of mulberry, 100 grams of rock sugar, lemon 2, sealed in a large bottle, production time of 15 days.

efficacy: Mulberry enzyme can enhance pancreatic metabolism and protect pancreas function, and can be used for prevention and adjuvant treatment of diabetes.

suitable crowd: pre diabetes and diabetes. Drink 30ml 30 minutes before lunch every day.

6, whole intestine enzyme & nbsp;

500 grams of white radish, 250 grams of rock sugar, lemon 1, sealed in a large bottle, production time 18 days.

efficacy: white radish enzyme can promote the secretion of digestive juice, increase intestinal beneficial bacteria, maintain intestinal flora balance, and improve intestinal function.

suitable for people: abdominal distension, anorexia, indigestion. Drink 20 ml at lunch every day, especially after eating greasy food such as meat.

7, anti-cancer enzyme & nbsp;

500 grams of tomato with skin (raw tomato is better), 250 grams of rock sugar, 10 grams of green tea, lemon 2, sealed in a large bottle, production time 13 days.

efficacy: the anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect of tomato enzyme is better than lycopene, and the green tea phenol in green tea is a glutathione transferase, which can increase the production of tomato enzyme. Especially for prostate cancer and some digestive tract cancer.

suitable population: family history of cancer or long-term smokers. Drink 30ml on an empty stomach every morning (mixed with cold boiled water) for more than 1 month.

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