Experimental mice: why do scientists use mice for experiments?

mice are a variety of wild mice, belonging to the animal kingdom, vertebrate phylum, Mammalia, Rodentia and mouse species. At present, the most widely bred variety in China is introduced from a research institute in India to Kunming, Yunnan Province in 1946. In the 1950s, it was introduced from Kunming to Beijing Institute of biological products, and then transported to all parts of the country for breeding. And scientists always use mice to do all kinds of experiments. Mice are widely used in food, cosmetics, drugs, biological products, industrial products, medicine and life sciences in the aspects of safety, toxicity and efficacy. Why are mice suitable for experiments?

the first reason why scientists use mice for experiments is that the gene sequence of mice is similar to that of human beings. Among them, it is good to do genetic experiments with mice, because its whole genome is highly similar to human beings. Many diseases that are difficult to cure can be found in mice with similar traits, so as to find therapeutic genes through experiments.

the second reason why scientists use mice for experiments is that there is almost no individual difference.

the biological significance of special mice for experiments is great. After 100 years of exploration, the breeding method of pure line mice has formed a fixed process, and the bred mice have almost no individual difference (physiologically). However, in the general natural population, there is no individual difference, The individual differences between the same species of animals are very large (although the appearance is the same), mainly in the congenital physical quality. The main purpose of selecting pure line experimental mice is to reduce the congenital individual differences as much as possible.

there are three reasons why scientists use mice to do experiments: the number is sufficient

. Many experiments need statistical analysis, which requires a certain number of rats and mice, especially mice, to meet this requirement under artificial breeding conditions. A good experiment should strictly control the variety of experimental animals, which is easy to solve with mice.

scientists use mice to do experiments for four reasons: they also belong to mammals

, and there are animal grades. Mice are also mammals at any rate. In addition to their small size, they are not inferior to the evolutionary level of other mammals. On the contrary, small size is a favorable condition for artificial breeding.

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