Exposing the common ways of thieves subway bus easy to be stolen area

have you ever been stolen? You must be gnashing your teeth with hatred, right? Today, I’d like to sort out the common methods of thieves and the areas that are easy to be stolen on the subway and public transportation. When you go out, you should always remind yourself, especially when you go back to your hometown for the Spring Festival. Nowadays, people who play with mobile phones while walking are more and more likely to be stolen. One night, a girl was walking while playing with her mobile phone. Because her attention was focused on her mobile phone, she didn’t know that she had been watched for a long time. The thief followed him on an electric car. When he turned into a dark and remote road, he grabbed his cell phone and wallet and ran away. When the girl recovered, he could not catch up with her.

It’s the best way to steal on the subway. There are a lot of people who bow their heads on the subway. At the moment before the subway door is closed, they grab the mobile phone or tablet computer in the hand of the passengers who are close to the door and run away. The car door is closed. He can’t catch it. It’s quick in the eye and quick in the hand.

In addition to the subway, the bus is also very easy to steal. The passengers on the bus often take a short distance, and there are many people, which is very crowded; Squeeze the door & quot; This is a good chance to start.

On the bus, the usual method is to use towels, backpacks or bumps on the road to cover the crime.

Of course, even if the car is not crowded, as long as the time is right, the things will be stolen unconsciously.

There are also women who can steal in this business. Female thieves are often easier to steal than men. Because women’s identity can always make passengers relax. There are even statistics on buses; The top five seats that are easy to steal;.

The railway station is also an easy place to get hold of, because there are always a lot of people here. Pretending to ask for directions or attacking suddenly at the station can steal luggage when people don’t pay attention. And the station also has an advantage, that is, passengers are often tired and vigilant after a long journey.

Then there are supermarkets or department stores. Every weekend, people are crowded, and activities are often held, which is even more crowded. Basically, it can be said: & lt; I’ll take whatever I want; Let’s go!

Hospitals and major scenic spots are also on the list. The hospital is also a place where people come and go. Usually, the registration office and the payment office are good places to commit crimes.

In addition to the hospital, it is the scenic area. There are already crowded places, and the clothes are thicker in winter. How can anyone find out if they feel in their pockets?

Don’t be distracted when you go out. When there are too many people, you should always pay attention to your mobile phone and wallet. Thieves will not take you as a target if they are very alert!

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