Extend the life of your car, use top 10 daily necessities to maintain your car

the car owners are very concerned about the initial maintenance of their new car. After a long time of use, they will love their car, but they often wash the car, and the expenses are also very large. Usually, you should take good care of your car. In fact, you should use the following tools to maintain your car:

1, soap to clean the leather seats. Leather seats are afraid of hard objects scratch, more afraid of chemical cleaning agent corrosion. Some car repair shops will be used for cleansing foam scouring agents with unknown roads, which may lead to hardened and cracked surfaces. Compared with

, soap is a good choice. It is not corrosive and has good decontamination effect. After cleaning, the skin is soft and glossy.

operation method: first soak the soft towel with warm water, then evenly put the soap on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat (the fold can be wiped repeatedly). After wiping, ventilate and dry, and then wipe it several times with a clean wet towel. This method is also applicable to plastic parts of door interior and instrument panel.

2, talcum powder to dissolve the door seal bonding. After the rain or back to the south, there is always a squeak when opening and closing the door. That’s because the rubber seal of the door is wet and easy to adhere to the paint.

operation method: apply talcum powder or baby talcum powder on the rubber seal, and the door will be smoother immediately, and there will be no sound. This method is also applicable to the abnormal noise of refrigerator and freezer doors at home.

3, Feng you jing to glue. All kinds of things are always pasted on the car, such as all kinds of signs on the front windshield and stickers pasted by the owner himself. There are always times to tear them off, but there are always some residual traces that are difficult to remove. At this time, you can use Fengyoujing.

operation method: apply a little more essential balm on the glue mark, wipe it with dry cloth after waiting for a while, it can be removed easily without leaving any trace.

4 Detergent to prevent glass from fogging. When driving, the glass fog will hinder the driver’s sight and affect the driving safety. At this time, detergent can be used.

operation method: dilute the detergent and water in the ratio of 1:9, then use a dry rag to dip some solution on the car glass, and then use another rag to dry.

5, alcohol to remove stubborn stains. When the car is parked outside, it is often stained with some dirty things that are difficult to clean, such as bird manure resin. Of course, it is an option to send it to the car wash shop for intensive cleaning. In fact, we can use alcohol to clean it effectively ourselves.

operation method: use a clean and soft towel dipped in alcohol (alcohol content should not be too high, diluted to 60 & deg; If it is too high, it may corrode the paint surface). Gently wipe off the dirt, and then wipe it again with a clean towel dipped in water. If possible, wax after scrubbing is recommended.

6, nail polish. Smearing nail polish is a good way to deal with small scratches on the car. However, the nail polish is incapable of action if the scratches are slightly larger.

method of operation: choose the nail polish that is the same color as the paint, apply it evenly to the scratches, and finish the nail polish. And nail polish can also infiltrate the scratches, cover the damaged parts of the car body, and form a protective film to prevent the interior from entering the water vapor and rusting, and play a role in filling the gaps.

7 Kitchen detergent. It is non-toxic and corrosion-free. It is used to replace gasoline and kerosene to clean automobile parts, especially for small rubber parts. It does not deform and swell after washing. Hand washing work clothes is a must, gently swing, clean.

8, toothpaste. Because toothpaste contains abrasive materials, such as between the valve and the valve seat of a car and between the valve seat of a diesel car; Three precision parts & quot; Toothpaste is an excellent grinding material when grinding is needed. If there is a slight scratch on the car’s instrument lamp mirror, wipe it with toothpaste, and the effect is excellent.

9 Huoluo oil. The utility model belongs to a medical liniment for treating bruises and injuries, which is used for removing the leached dirt on automobiles, convenient and effective, and does not leave traces.

10, can. Such as Jianlibao and other aluminum products can, do car gasket or simply change into add oil and water funnel, is a good material without money. The role of gap.

so don’t underestimate our daily necessities. They are very useful. They are not only convenient and effective, but also save money. Of course, it’s only for emergency and simple treatment. If you are in big trouble, you still need to go to the auto repair shop or 4S shop

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