Five color fruits and vegetables escort health

Five color fruits and vegetables for health escort

five color fruits and vegetables for health escort

1, if you are weak, often troubled by cold, fever, then need to eat red food.

, such as tomatoes, watermelons, hawthorn, strawberries, red dates, etc. Red food is rich in lycopene. Studies have shown that lycopene can protect cell membrane, reduce the damage of free radicals, and has a certain anti-aging effect. Red food usually helps blood circulation and reduces fatigue.

2. If you have poor eyesight, eating as much green food as possible can effectively relieve symptoms.

, such as spinach, green pepper, broccoli, cucumber, kiwi, green beans and other green food. The cellulose contained in green food can clean the intestines and stomach and prevent constipation; It is rich in lutein, which can maintain the health of retina.

3, if your gastrointestinal dysfunction, prone to skin problems, then you can try orange food.

the representative of orange food is orange, pineapple, mango, pumpkin, corn, soybean, etc. Most of them contain & beta- Carotene, a powerful antioxidant, can reduce the harm of air pollution to human body, and also has anti-aging effect.

4, if your body has signs of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, then you need purple black food.

purplish black food is food with black, purple or dark brown color. Such as purple grape, blueberry, eggplant, black bean, mulberry, black sesame, black fungus, etc. Purplish black food comes from nature with less harmful ingredients and complete nutrients. If you have chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart disease, don’t forget to eat white food.

, such as cabbage, white radish, pear, lily, yam and so on, these foods belong to white food. They help to calm the mood and are good for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease. And white food has a certain control effect on people’s appetite, which is also of great help to those who lose weight.

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