Five dietary contraindications of hypertension patients:

Five dietary taboos of hypertension patients:

five dietary taboos of hypertension patients: 6667

1. Hypertension patients should not smoke and drink less alcohol. Smoking and alcohol have always been health taboo products. A small amount of drinking is beneficial to health, so patients with hypertension can drink a small amount of low alcohol, such as beer, wine, yellow rice wine, etc. to promote blood circulation and dredge collaterals, but patients with hypertension can not drink strong liquor, let alone drink too much.

in addition, patients with hypertension should not smoke because nicotine can stimulate the heart and blood vessels, increase blood pressure and accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis, which is not conducive to the health of patients with hypertension.

2. Patients with hypertension should not eat spicy food

. The primary rule of hypertension diet is to require a light diet. Therefore, patients with hypertension should not eat greasy and spicy food, especially hot pepper. Pepper belongs to hot food, if patients with hypertension have fever, constipation, pain and other symptoms, eating pepper will aggravate the symptoms, offset the effect of antihypertensive drugs.

3. The diet of patients with hypertension should not be too salty. 6667

patients with hypertension should limit the intake of sodium salt. Therefore, sodium ion in salt can make arteriole spasm, increase blood pressure, and accelerate the process of renal arteriosclerosis. In particular, too salty diet is easy to cause * edema in water. Therefore, the diet of patients with hypertension should not be too salty, and the daily salt intake should be controlled within 2-5g.

4, high cholesterol food don’t touch

what can’t high blood pressure eat? High cholesterol diet is a big taboo for patients with hypertension, so we should control eating too much high cholesterol food, such as egg yolk, animal viscera, fish seeds, shrimp, crab roe, cuttlefish and so on. And patients with hypertension should eat less animal fat, not eat animal viscera and so on.

5, hypertension patients are not suitable for drinking strong tea

, a small amount of tea diuretic effect is beneficial to the treatment of hypertension. But drinking too much tea or strong tea can cause excitement, insomnia, palpitations, so it is not suitable for patients with hypertension to drink strong tea.

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