Five kinds of daily necessities might as well try to choose second-hand goods, save money, kill two birds with one stone

not all things are the newer the better. According to reports, some things, buy second-hand will greatly reduce the chance of being attacked by toxic substances, but also save money, kill two birds with one stone. The following five kinds of harmful substances emitted from the interior of new cars have a great impact on the human body, mainly including benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, inhalable particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, bacteria, mold and other dozens of harmful substances, which is the reason why many people feel dizzy when driving new cars. It needs to be reminded that used cars within one year may also have pollution risks. It is recommended to buy used cars within three or four years.

fitness equipment

many people feel this way when they use new treadmills and massagers; I don’t know where to creak& ldquo; It’s very hard;. Like a new car, the fitness device also needs to be run in. After three months to six months, all parts can run freely after running in. Therefore, as long as there is no shortage of parts and normal function, second-hand fitness equipment is the best choice.

When you buy the following types of second-hand goods, please think twice before you go

car seats

car seat injury is a very common phenomenon in traffic accidents. It is not recommended to buy used seats. It is difficult for us to understand the past use background of these seats. If some parts of these seats (including the instruction manual) have been lost, damaged or recalled, it will be very dangerous to use these seats. Plastic aging, cracks caused by long-term pressure, and even collisions may cause hidden troubles in second-hand seats, which may lead to failure to play its due protective role in traffic accidents. In addition, if you want to buy second-hand child seats, you should carefully check the seats that have been used for more than 5 years to ensure their safety before you can use them. Car seats that have exceeded the longest service life must not be bought.


just like a car seat, the function of helmet is to prevent accidents. A study of motorcyclists and riders wearing safety helmets found that people who did not wear safety helmets were three times more likely to suffer head injuries than those who wore safety helmets. After the collision accident, the strength of the second-hand helmet’s manufacturing material is damaged, which weakens its protective function. Even if the appearance is good, the safety performance is also reduced a lot. Since you can’t infer whether the internal structure of a helmet is damaged, you should choose a new helmet.

Notebook computer

most of the second-hand notebook computers are worn on the appearance, the light performance is small scratch, keyboard surface wear and so on; Serious performance for the shell fracture, a large area of discoloration.

battery is the biggest consumable of notebook computer and has the shortest service life. If it is used frequently, there will be problems in about one and a half years. Most second-hand laptops have a short battery standby time, generally less than an hour.


think about what you’ve done with your own mattress. Think about what it’s like to sleep on a mattress that someone else has used. If you buy a second-hand mattress, you may come into contact with other people’s body debris and bacteria growing on the old bed. Some crafty retailers often put a new quilt cover over a second-hand mattress as a cover. Of course, some second-hand mattresses can still be considered. When & lt; Used & quot; When a mattress is actually a mattress that has hardly been used, for example, a mattress taken from a guest’s room that is rarely visited, you can consider buying it.

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