Five kinds of super detoxification food

There are five kinds of super detoxification food:

, five kinds of super detoxification food:

1 and pig blood:

. Pig blood is rich in plasma protein, which can produce detoxification and intestinal moistening function after being decomposed by gastric acid and digestive system. It will make all harmful substances harmful to the body & lt; Dead Light & quot;.

2, seaweed

seaweed food is alkaline, so it has the same effect as fresh fruit juice, and its collagen can also make the radioactive substances accumulated in the human body come out with the excreta, which can effectively prevent and treat radiation diseases such as hypertension and heart disease. Therefore, regular intake of these foods can not only eliminate the pollution in the body, but also prevent and reduce the occurrence of diseases. Such a good and readily available food, you can not often eat it.

3, edible fungi

. Auricularia auricula (edible fungi) can remove toxic substances and toxins in blood and body.

4, beans

mung beans can excrete toxins in the body, increase metabolism, protect the liver, clear the liver and reduce fire.

5, fresh juice

after eating enough fresh juice, can make blood alkaline, also has the function of dissolving blood cytotoxin.

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