Five principles of diet help you to refresh seven kinds of food

tired, want to refresh, accompany you can not only have coffee, pay more attention to diet, choose some help to refresh food, let you can concentrate. Now follow to understand it!

Five principles of diet can help you refresh. Drink plenty of water and keep enough water to refresh you. Two thirds of the human body is made up of water, Many basic functions of the human body depend on this simple substance. So & lt; Fatigue is the highest dehydration signal; It’s not surprising.

drinking a large glass of water in the morning not only helps to keep the body hydrated, but also promotes metabolism. If you think white water is hard to drink, you can try to make your own flavored water, or add orange juice and lemon juice to the juice to make refreshing water.

2, intake of magnesium rich food, to maintain energy

unknown hero of the mineral world, magnesium is essential to the production of energy. Lack of magnesium is rare, but taking more magnesium can achieve the refreshing effect you want.

nuts and seeds, beets and spinach and other green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals. Don’t ignore tofu, which is also rich in magnesium.

3, eat inulin anti anemia, more energy

, from energy bars to oatmeal, many food ingredients have inulin. This fiber is naturally found in wheat, garlic, onion and ginger.

inulin can not only make you feel fuller for a long time, but also help to keep normal (dealing with constipation is undoubtedly a waste of energy), but also promote the body’s absorption of iron, so it also helps to fight anemia.

try baking ginger and add it to the soup. They are also thought to be rich in probiotics that improve the body’s immune system. We all know that even a little bit of illness can make people’s energy plummet.

4 Choose whole grains, help to maintain emotional stability

carbohydrates are the source of energy for the brain, but carbohydrates provide energy for the gray matter at the same time, it will also slowly consume continuous energy.

by maintaining blood sugar levels, these carbohydrates help maintain emotional stability and help later sleep. Whole grains such as sweet potato and oatmeal also contain carbohydrates.

missing a meal will make people have no energy, want not to fatigue, supplement nutrition is very important. So have breakfast! Eat a big bowl of oatmeal to power your brain and body.

5, lean protein is more healthy, effective antidepressant

high fat food like hamburger will make you feel full but energy loss, digestion of this kind of food will need a lot of energy. Choose lean protein instead of saturated fat.

protein is the basic component of muscle, and the amino acids contained in it have a significant effect on nerve conduction substances, which helps to maintain sensitivity. Eat fish rich in omega-3 to get lean protein.

, an essential fatty acid, is an antidepressant that consumes energy. Too tired to add double nutrition, try steamed salmon with curry juice.

Seven kinds of food to help you refresh

1, skim yogurt

many women will feel tired and sleepy before and after menstruation. A study shows that eating more calcium rich foods, such as skim yogurt, can significantly improve the situation. If you eat three small cups of skim yogurt or two large cups of milk every day, you can relieve abdominal pain, fatigue, irritability and other symptoms, because calcium can relieve muscle tension and regulate endocrine.

2, banana

, banana is called & lt; High energy food;, It contains carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the human body and is also rich in potassium. Potassium in the human body can help maintain the normal function of muscles and nerves, but it can not be stored in the body for a lot of time. After strenuous exercise, the potassium in the body will be very low. Studies have shown that low potassium can lead to muscle pain, arrhythmia, slow reaction, etc., while eating a few bananas can supplement the lack of potassium.

3, spinach

spinach contains minerals that women are easy to lack& mdash; Magnesium. If a woman’s daily intake of magnesium is less than 280 mg, she will feel tired. The role of magnesium in the human body is to convert carbohydrate in muscle into available energy.

4 and strawberry

are rich in vitamin C, which helps the human body absorb iron and nourish cells. Therefore, eating more strawberries can make people energetic.

5 Tuna

in high protein fish, tuna is rich in tyramine, which can help produce neurotransmitters of brain in human body, making people pay attention and think quickly.

6, cereal

it has been found that breakfast with high fiber content will not feel hungry. Nutritionists explain that fiber can slow down digestion, continuously supply carbohydrates to blood vessels, and make human body continuously obtain energy. Oatmeal is a kind of food rich in fiber. Its energy release is slow and balanced. It can keep the blood sugar level of human body at a high level, so it will not feel hungry and full of energy.

7, beans

iron is the main medium to produce human energy, which is responsible for the important task of delivering oxygen to human organs and muscles. Therefore, if the lack of iron in the body, it will lead to anemia, make people feel dizzy, fatigue. Although pig liver and lean meat are the best sources of iron, but often eat some red beans, black beans or soybeans, can also play a role in supplementing iron, and can effectively improve fatigue, weakness.

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