Five tips of cream wrapping paper: don’t throw it away as garbage

cream is not commonly used in baking. Cream bought in supermarkets is usually wrapped with wrapping paper, and the wrapping paper is usually thrown away as garbage. In fact, this kind of wrapping paper has many small magical effects. It’s a pity to discard it! Let’s take a look.

Butter wrapping paper 1: oil the pan or baking pan

if the recipe says that you need to oil the pan or other pan first, and then put the ingredients into the pan to cook, you can spray the oil evenly in the pan with the spray can, Or pour a little cooking oil into the pot, and then wipe off the excess oil with kitchen paper towel. But in fact, we can also use cream wrapping paper to oil the pot, because there will be a little cream residue on the wrapping paper. Although there is not much, it is enough to oil the pot. In addition, if the recipe says to oil the baking tray, you can also use the wrapping paper of cream to make it. It’s really convenient.

Cream wrapping paper Magic 2: smear the surface of bread

when making snacks such as meal bag and yeast bread, if the recipe says to use melted liquid cream to brush the surface of baked bread, It’s usually to make the bread look bright, but in addition to using liquid cream to achieve the goal, you can also use the side of the wrapping paper that touches the cream to cover the surface of the bread that was originally intended to be brushed with liquid cream, so that the butter on the wrapping paper will melt due to the heat of the bread just coming out of the oven, which will have the same effect as directly brushing with liquid cream, Finally, remove the wrapping paper from the bread.

Cream wrapping paper 3: as a separator for frozen food

if you make several hamburger chops at a time and want to put the extra quantity into the refrigerator for preservation, you can use the cream wrapping paper to separate the hamburger chops, Just insert the wrapping paper between the hamburger rows. Finally, put the hamburger rows together with the wrapping paper into the fresh-keeping bag, and then put them into the refrigerator for freezing. This can prevent the frozen hamburger rows from sticking together, which makes it impossible to separate them easily. In addition to hamburger chops, there are many frozen foods that can be separated by cream wrapping paper, such as steak, pork chops, etc. until they are ready to be cooked, they can easily take out the quantity they need.

Cream wrapping paper 4: to prevent candy from sticking

when you make homemade milk candy and other sticky candy, you can buy ready-made candy wrapping paper to wrap the sugar, or you can use cream wrapping paper to wrap it, Because cream can prevent sticky food from sticking, just cut a piece of cream wrapping paper into several pieces of small size wrapping paper, which can be used to wrap candy. This can not only avoid candy sticking to the wrapping paper, but also save money to buy ready-made wrapping paper.

Cream wrapping paper Magic 5: as baking paper (metal wrapping paper is not applicable) 6667

if it is paper cream wrapping paper, it can be used as baking paper, as long as several wrapping papers are overlapped on the baking tray, You can also use the cream wrapping paper as the paper mold of the cupcake. Just insert the wrapping paper into the holes of the special baking mold of the cupcake one by one, and then take out the cake with the wrapping paper after the cake is baked. This can also save money for buying ready-made paper mold, but this method is only suitable for paper cream wrapping paper, Metal wrapping paper can not be used as baking paper, special attention should be paid!

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