Food for promoting digestion after the festival: hawthorn, citrus,


Food for promoting digestion after the festival: hawthorn and citrus for promoting digestion

food for promoting digestion after the festival

fruit: hawthorn and citrus for promoting digestion

experts introduce that hawthorn and citrus are the food for appetizing and helping digestion. After eating, drink a glass of orange juice, can solve greasy, eliminate food accumulation, and has the magical effect of thirst and sobering up, because oranges are rich in organic acids, which can promote digestion. In addition, papaya has & quot; The king of Baiyi fruit & quot; It contains unique protease and has strong softening effect on meat containing protein. If papaya is burned with meat, it will not only help stew the meat, but also reduce the greasy feeling. Hawthorn can increase coronary blood flow, reduce blood cholesterol and promote fat metabolism. Apple is rich in potassium and pectin, which can reduce blood cholesterol and is good for solving greasy. Banana also has the function of moistening intestines, detoxifying and greasy.

drugs: promote gastrointestinal motility

if it is too much food accumulation, you can use some digestive drugs to help food digest as soon as possible, or use some gastrointestinal motility drugs to enhance gastrointestinal motility, but you must follow the doctor’s advice or instructions.

drink: barley tea can relieve greasiness and protect stomach

drink barley tea or green tea, can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the stay time of greasy food in the stomach, and it is better to drink warm food, which can relieve greasiness better than cold food and protect stomach. In addition, sour plum soup is also a good choice. Sour plum soup is rich in nutrition, and contains a lot of amino acids, trace elements, dietary fiber and other substances conducive to human health. Its main raw materials are black plum and hawthorn, which are all products for relieving greasy and eliminating accumulation.

vegetables: radish and onion solve greasy

the dietary fiber in vegetables can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve greasy, especially radish and onion have good effect and strong effect of solving greasy and helping digestion. Eating raw radish can relieve stomach fullness. Onion contains almost no fat, has the function of smoothing liver and moistening intestines. It can reduce the feeling of greasiness and inhibit the increase of cholesterol caused by high-fat diet.

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