Food safety precautions don’t eat

& lt; Food is the first priority for the people;. If there are many food poisoning incidents among students in succession, it will be very sad. However, food safety is related to everyone’s health and life. Whether it’s family, hotel, supermarket, school or other company or unit canteen, food quality control absolutely needs to be careful. In order to make your tongue feel more secure, today we will bring you some food safety precautions, we must remember Oh!

First move: when shopping for food, you should go to the regular market

. When shopping for food, many people should choose regular shopping malls and supermarkets with good storage conditions and meet the hygiene requirements, When purchasing food or food raw materials, observe whether they are fresh and within the shelf life. Never buy fast food without the approval of the administrative department. Don’t eat expired, unmarked or damaged food.

the second move: vegetable cleaning is not lazy

vegetables are rich in vitamins and crude fiber, when eating, you can soak them in water for 20 to 30 minutes, or use special detergent to clean, according to the product instructions of detergent. In addition, rice water can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables, which can effectively remove pesticide residues. If the vegetables are damaged or eaten by insects, the damaged parts should be removed, so that the remaining parts can be eaten as soon as possible.

the third move: food cooking to cook, cook thoroughly

when cooking food can be thoroughly cooked, to avoid causing a lot of bacterial food poisoning. The most common bacteria are Salmonella and Vibrio parahaemolyticus. Salmonella is commonly found in the intestines and viscera of a variety of livestock and poultry, fish, birds and wild animals. Vibrio parahaemolyticus is easily found in marine fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood, as well as pickled vegetables, bacon and other salty products. The survival ability of the above two kinds of bacteria are very strong, but they are very sensitive to heat. Food can be heated and cooked thoroughly to kill the hidden bacteria.

Don’t eat

1, disanxian

. The main ingredients of disanxian are potatoes, eggplant and green pepper. After high temperature frying, potatoes will produce carcinogens such as acrylamide; Eggplant is rich in vitamin P and inhibiting keratin, often eat can reduce blood lipid, but has super oil absorption ability.

2, oiled eggplant

, oiled eggplant, it’s like a small oil bag; Green pepper in oil pan & lt; Baptism;, Vitamin C is almost exhausted.

3 , dry fried beans

dry fried beans, it seems to have nothing to do with oil, in fact, most of them are fried. Fried beans with oil not only have excessive heat, but also have safety risks. If beans are not cooked thoroughly, it may lead to food poisoning. While in deep frying, beans may be scorched outside and raw inside.

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