Food therapy to promote sleep common food can help you effectively relieve insomnia

sleep is extremely important for everyone, especially when working and studying are very busy. In addition to paying attention to the sleeping environment around you, you should also eat more food that is conducive to sleep, so let’s have a look at what you want to eat.

Insomnia is mainly located in the heart and involves the liver, spleen (stomach) and kidney. If the function of viscera is normal and coordinated, and the function of yin and Yang Qi is normal, people’s sleep will be normal, otherwise, sleep disorder will appear& mdash; Insomnia.

1. Insomnia caused by physical diseases

. The physical diseases of insomnia include heart disease, kidney disease, asthma, ulcer disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal disease, hypertension, sleep apnea syndrome, hyperthyroidism, nocturnal myoclonus syndrome, brain diseases, etc.

2. Insomnia caused by physiology

. Changes in the environment can cause physiological reactions, such as changes in the sleeping environment when taking a car, boat or plane; Strong light, noise, too cold or too hot in the bedroom may cause insomnia. Some people have strong adaptability to the environment, while others are very sensitive and have poor adaptability. Once the environment changes, they can’t sleep well.

3, insomnia caused by psychological and mental factors

psychological factors such as anxiety, irritability or depression, unhappy mood, etc. are the important causes of insomnia< Diet therapy for insomnia& mdash; The neuropeptide of orexin not only participates in the digestion and absorption of our intestines and stomach, but also interferes with the sleep factors in our body. However, because honey contains a lot of sugar, it can effectively restrain orexin, so as to regulate the quality of sleep. Therefore, people with poor sleep may as well drink a small cup of honey half an hour before going to bed to regulate it.

2, defatted popcorn

many people think that popcorn is a high-fat, high calorie food, but what I want to say now is that defatted popcorn contains carbohydrates. Eating it before going to bed can induce amino acids and tryptophan in our nervous system to transmit to our central nervous system and trigger your drowsiness. After all, Two hours before going to bed is not recommended to eat, so defatted popcorn is the most suitable.

3, chamomile tea

although chamomile tea is also a kind of tea, but its biggest difference with other tea is that it does not contain caffeine, so on the contrary, it also has a very good calming effect Oh, therefore, before going to bed with a cup of light chamomile tea to drink, has a magical effect on improving sleep.

4, chickpea

chickpea contains high fiber substances, but also rich in vitamin B6. So it is also a food to improve the quality of sleep, so in life and diet, you can eat some chickpeas in an appropriate amount, which will not only help you ease your mood and promote sleep, but also help you lose weight.

5, halibut

why do some people have insomnia? That’s because there is a lack of a substance called tryptophan in the body. If these substances are not enough, the symptoms of insomnia will appear. However, this kind of halibut is just introduced now. It is rich in tryptophan and vitamin B6, so people who sleep poorly or often suffer from insomnia can often eat some, It’s very good to make up for tryptophan in the body, and the taste of this kind of fish is also very good.

Insomnia daily conditioning method

first: it is recommended that you do not always stay up late, 11:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. is the best time to detoxify the liver and gallbladder, need to sleep, go to bed early and get up early is the best for the body, develop a good sleep habit;

second: do not drink coffee, strong tea, smoking and other substances before going to bed. These substances have a certain negative impact on sleeping. You can drink some milk and light green tea;

third: insomnia can lead to dark circles. It is recommended to apply some vitamins around the eyes before going to bed. The cheapest one is OK. It can not only weaken and eliminate dark circles, but also reduce fine lines around the eyes and prevent crow’s feet;

fourth: often eat red jujube, Coix, corn, millet and other things to make up for Qi and blood porridge or sugar water, because the total insomnia will make this person lack of Qi and blood;

fifth: before going to bed, you can put your hands on your lower abdomen, and use abdominal breathing to shift your attention to your lower abdomen. You can count silently, and you can fall asleep quickly, and you can also thin your abdomen;

sixth: before going to bed, you can use slightly hot water bubble feet, to the forehead some small sweating is better, also can use wenmaishu exercise massage or hollow stone rub a rub, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality.

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