For you to uncover the truth of food mutual restriction

Uncover the truth of food for you

uncover the truth of food for you

1, soybean milk + eggs reduce nutrition?

have an egg for breakfast, drink a cup of soymilk, it is estimated that many people’s collocation. However, it is said on the Internet that soybean milk cannot be eaten with eggs. Because soybean milk contains trypsin inhibitor, it can inhibit protein digestion and reduce nutritional value. But is it really the case?

expert analysis: no one will drink raw soybean milk. However, after soybean milk is cooked, the enzyme inhibitors in it will lose their activity and can not inhibit the digestion of protein at all.

2, spinach + tofu affect calcium absorption?

“ Bean curd with shallot& ldquo; Spinach bean curd soup & quot; It’s a home style dish, but it’s often heard in some health columns that it’s not recommended to put shallot, spinach and tofu together, because the oxalic acid in shallot and spinach is easy to combine with the calcium in tofu to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which affects the absorption of calcium by the human body. Long term consumption is easy to cause stones.

expert analysis: it’s right to say that it affects the absorption of calcium by the human body, but it’s not a bad thing. If spinach is not eaten with high calcium food, the oxalic acid will be combined with calcium ions in the body, such as calcium ions in the urine, which is more likely to form stones. Therefore, the best way is to blanch spinach with boiling water to remove oxalic acid in spinach.

3, indigestion caused by meat and tea?

after eating meat and drinking some tea, it must be the way for Ms. Aimei to keep fit. But network transmission: tannic acid contained in tea can combine with protein to produce astringent booty acid protein, which is not conducive to the absorption of protein.

expert analysis: at present, there is no experimental evidence that tea can affect the absorption of protein. And according to the normal diet, the protein intake is 60g-80g a day, and the tannic acid intake in tea is hundreds of mg at most. Even if it can bind, it can only bind to a trivial protein, with little effect.

4, vitamin C + shrimp can poison people?

after eating seafood, then eat fruit, is this program OK? But I can’t say it on the Internet! According to the online & lt; Mutual restraint & quot; It is said that after eating shrimp, crab and other seafood, and then eating fruits containing vitamin C, it will poison people to death. The principle is that shrimps, crabs and other foods contain pentavalent arsenic compounds, which can be converted into trivalent arsenic when eaten with fruits containing vitamin C, that is, highly toxic; Arsenic;, The harm is great. Long term consumption will lead to human poisoning and immune decline.

expert analysis: pentavalent arsenic is low toxicity, trivalent arsenic is high toxicity, that’s right. But the function of vitamin C to promote reduction is very low, and the content of arsenic in seafood is also very low, so it is difficult to have chemical reaction if the content is too low. And in the stomach so short a time, how can suddenly transform.

5, orange + Lemon induced peptic ulcer? According to the Internet, oranges and lemons are not suitable for people with gastric ulcer and excessive acid. Because the fruit acid of orange and lemon is higher than that of common fruit, large consumption will promote gastric acid secretion, aggravate ulcer, and even ulcerative gastric perforation.

expert analysis: no one eats lemon as a whole. They usually drink with water or drop a few drops of lemon juice. In this case, compared with gastric acid, its acidity is not as high as gastric acid, so don’t mind too much.

6, potato + beef cause gastrointestinal dysfunction?

roast beef with potatoes, according to the Internet, due to the different concentrations of gastric acid required to digest potatoes and beef, it will prolong the retention time of food in the stomach, resulting in longer gastrointestinal digestion and absorption time. Over time, it leads to gastrointestinal dysfunction. Really?

expert analysis: the time of gastric emptying food is related to the amount of fat. The less fat, the shorter the emptying time, so beef is slower than potatoes. But it doesn’t mean it has any effect on digestive function. If there is an impact according to the above statement, the retention time of vegetables, meat and eggs will be different, which is not in line with the reality.

7, vinegar + carrot destroy vitamin A?

it is said that vinegar and carrots together, will destroy the vitamin in carrots.

expert analysis: if vinegar can destroy vitamin A, the strength of gastric acid is much higher than vinegar. Even if you’re not jealous, nutrition is destroyed. Therefore, this argument is untenable.

8, Hami melon + banana can cause renal failure?

health column said that because the sugar content of Hami melon is about 15%, the potassium ion content is quite high; Bananas are also rich in potassium. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat banana and Hami melon with high potassium content when renal failure patients have less urine.

expert analysis: in fact, people with renal failure can not eat any food with high water content, which has nothing to do with these two kinds of food. When it comes to potassium, it’s higher in vegetables. If all vegetables can be eaten and the potassium can be discharged, why can’t bananas and Hami melons?

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