Four cases are more likely to cause carsickness. It is recommended to prevent carsickness.

when traveling, if someone is carsick, he will feel sick, pale and heartache. Medically speaking, motion sickness, seasickness and airsickness are collectively referred to as motion sickness. To this end, we offer six ways to treat carsickness, hoping to be useful to you or your friends around you.

4 It’s easy to get carsick in three cases. Before teaching you how to stop carsickness, First of all, let’s find out what situation or who is more prone to carsickness:


2. Too much food or excessive hunger will also be more prone to carsickness.

3. Some ear diseases can also easily cause carsickness.

4. In the closed space of the car, when the air is not circulating or there is other odor stimulation, it is easy to make people carsick.

The best way to prevent carsickness:

1, fresh ginger

. Hold fresh ginger slices in your hand and smell them under your nose at any time during driving, so that spicy flavor can be inhaled into your nose. Ginger can also be pasted on the navel, fixed with Shangshi Zhitong ointment. Or cut ginger into a pen shape and apply it to people under the nose. The effect is also good.

2 and orange peel

about one hour before taking the vehicle, fold the inside of the fresh orange peel outwards, fold it inwards, then aim at the two nostrils and squeeze it with two fingers, the skin will spray out the fragrant oil mist. It can be inhaled for more than 10 times before taking the bus, and it can also be inhaled at any time on the way to relieve the symptoms of carsickness.

3, Fengyoujing

on the way, rub Fengyoujing in the temple or Fengchi point, can effectively improve carsickness. In addition, you can also drop two drops of essential balm on your navel and cover it with Shangshi Zhitong ointment, which has obvious effect.

4 Vinegar

drink a cup of warm water with vinegar before taking the bus, so you won’t get carsick on the way.

5, Shangshi Zhitong ointment

take Shangshi Zhitong ointment and paste it on the navel before taking the bus, which has a significant effect on preventing carsickness.

6, finger pinching Neiguan point

when carsickness occurs, if you don’t have the above items to prevent carsickness, don’t panic, you can pinch Neiguan point with your thumb (on the palmar side of the wrist, about two horizontal fingers on the wrist, between the two tendons) for a period of time, and the symptoms of carsickness can also be improved.

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