Four healthy ways to eat breakfast harm of not eating breakfast

four healthy ways to eat breakfast, The nutritional value is not high. Breakfast with too much sugar will make blood sugar rise and fall quickly, easily leading to fatigue, mental distress and other symptoms.

how to eat healthily?

1, eat less sandwich bread, the amount of heat, fat than white bread is higher.

2. If you want to eat sweet bread, you may as well choose whole wheat toast with 1 teaspoon of jam, but avoid applying cream, peanut butter, etc. every day, otherwise it will increase the intake of trans fat.

3, two pieces of toast with a piece of low-fat cheese, and then drink a bottle of low-fat milk or yogurt, is the more appropriate choice. If you eat lettuce, tomato and cucumber, the nutrition will be more balanced.

2、 The nutrition trap of fried dough sticks family: fat is too high, easy to get fat. The heat of a fried dough sticks family is about 230-250 calories, of which about 25% comes from fat. Fried dough sticks are high-temperature fried food, not only high fat, more difficult to digest, and food after high-temperature frying, nutrients will be destroyed, but also produce carcinogens.

how to eat healthily?

1. It should not be eaten more than once a week, and the lunch and dinner on that day must be as light as possible. Do not eat fried, fried or fried food.

2. Due to the lack of vegetables for breakfast, the other two meals should be supplemented. You might as well choose Shaobing with vegetables.

3. It is recommended to drink clear soybean milk without sugar, or only add a small amount of sugar to avoid eating too much sugar.

3、 Nutrition trap: lack of protein and high content of sodium. Although porridge vegetables are not high in fat, the pickles and tofu are often too salty and high in sodium, and preservatives are added to processed foods, Often eat easy to damage the liver, kidney. And it lacks protein.

how to eat healthily?

1, choose cereals porridge, more nutritious than porridge, also have a sense of fullness.

2, porridge, not only with pickles, but also with a poached egg or a lean meat, in order to supplement enough protein; It’s best to add a plate of fried vegetables, the nutrition will be very balanced, and the potassium in vegetables can help the body excrete sodium out of the body.

4、 Vegetable and fruit family

nutrition trap: low calorie, eating fruits and vegetables for breakfast seems like & lt; Health & quot;, But breakfast is a source of energy throughout the day and requires staple food to provide calories. Vegetables and fruits are too few calories, easy to fatigue, and very easy to hungry. If the breakfast does not eat staple food for a long time, it will cause malnutrition and weaken various functions of the body. In addition, bananas, pears and other fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

how to eat healthily?

1, with a sandwich or a piece of toast, to increase the body’s energy.

2, people with high triglyceride, especially do not only take fruits as breakfast, because triglyceride is related to fructose, carbohydrates, sweets, starch, etc. when it is too high, we should reduce the intake of such foods.

what are the hazards of not having breakfast?

1, the body needs to absorb nutrition in the morning, do not eat will lead to a decline in resistance: because do not eat breakfast caused by malnutrition, but also lead to a decline in body resistance, prone to cold, cardiovascular disease and other different diseases.

2. It is harmful to women’s healthy appearance. It is harmful to women’s appearance: for women, only glycogen and protein stored in the body can be used without breakfast. Over time, it will lead to dry skin, wrinkle and anemia, and accelerate aging.

3, lead to digestive tract health problems, digestive tract easy to get sick: do not eat breakfast first will be depressed, and affect the gastric acid secretion, bile excretion, which will weaken the digestive system function, induce gastritis, gallstones and other digestive system diseases.

4, people who want to lose weight, do not eat in the morning is not good for health, can not lose weight but gain weight: do not eat breakfast will make people have a strong sense of fasting and hunger at lunch, unconsciously eat too much food, excess energy will be converted into fat in the body, a long time fat accumulation in the subcutaneous, but lead to obesity.

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