Four kinds of food can help you remove tartar

Four kinds of food can help you remove tartar

4 kinds of food can help you remove tartar

1 celery

celery is a very common stem and leaf vegetable in our daily life, and many people also use celery as a refreshing agent to maintain oral freshness. However, celery has more than that effect on the mouth. In fact, when we eat celery, it is cleaning your teeth. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay. This is because celery contains a lot of crude fiber, which is like a broom to sweep away part of the food residue on your teeth.

and the harder you chew, the more you can stimulate the secretion of saliva and balance the pH value in your mouth. Saliva as long as in a state of acid-base balance, can better play the role of sterilization and antibacterial.

2, onion

for some people with serious dental calculus, they should eat more onion in daily life. Some of the substances contained in onion are not only conducive to the protection of oral health, but also can effectively remove dental calculus. After research, it was found that onion contains a lot of sulfur compounds, which is a powerful antibacterial component, and has good preventive and killing effects on various oral bacteria. And in the test tube experiment, we found that onion can also kill Streptococcus mutans, which causes tooth decay.

it’s better to eat onions raw. Eating half a raw onion every day can not only help us prevent tooth decay, but also effectively reduce cholesterol, so as to prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases.

3, green tea

in daily life to develop the habit of drinking green tea often can also effectively remove tartar, this is because green tea contains a lot of fluorine, it can combine with the apatite in the teeth, so as to play the role of anti acid and anti decay. And green tea also contains a lot of catechins, which can reduce the number of Streptococcus mutans that cause tooth decay in the mouth, and play the role of removing breath.

4, Lentinus edodes

believe that Lentinus edodes is a kind of edible fungus food that many people like to eat in their daily life. According to the latest research, regular consumption of Lentinus edodes can effectively play the role of anti-cancer. Therefore, in our daily life, we should eat more Lentinus edodes to prevent the formation of cancer cells. During the period of eating Lentinus edodes, it can also play the role of removing tartar, because Lentinus edodes has a very good protective effect on teeth. The reason why it can protect teeth is that Lentinus edodes contains a lot of lentinan, which can inhibit the formation of dental plaque. There are many ways to eat Lentinus edodes, and because Lentinus edodes has a unique flavor and low heat, it is delicious whether it is boiled, fried or cold. In order to protect the health of teeth, mushroom is an indispensable food.

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