Four kinds of food can relieve work fatigue

Four kinds of food relieve work fatigue

4 kinds of food relieve work fatigue

persimmon pepper

persimmon pepper is a variety of pepper, its fruit contains extremely rich nutrition, vitamin C content is higher than eggplant and tomato, green pepper contains spicy capsaicin, which can improve appetite and help digestion.

persimmon pepper can relieve fatigue mainly because it is rich in antioxidant vitamins and trace elements, which can enhance people’s physical strength and relieve fatigue caused by work and life pressure. Flammulina velutipes

flammulina velutipes contains essential amino acids, especially lysine and arginine, which can promote children’s intellectual development. Flammulina velutipes can not only prevent and treat liver diseases and gastric and intestinal ulcers, but also be suitable for patients with hypertension, obesity and the elderly.


a greenish, lemon shaped fruit that tastes more sour than lemon. Lime is generally smaller than lemon and rich in vitamin C. Because of its strong alkalinity, lime is considered as a good medicine for diseases. It can help cough, phlegm, spleen, and promote blood circulation and calcium absorption. In addition, it can reduce cholesterol, eliminate fatigue and increase immunity.

if the muscle is sore, gently rub it with a piece of lime to relieve fatigue. If the feet ache, mix a lime juice into a basin of hot water to soak the feet. The effect is very good.


asparagus tastes delicious, fresh and delicious, can increase appetite, help digestion, is a kind of high-grade and valuable green food. Regular consumption of asparagus has certain curative effect on diabetes, hypertension, fatigue, edema, obesity and other diseases.

asparagus can relieve fatigue mainly because it contains asparagine. Modern medicine has proved that asparagine has many special physiological effects on human body. It can facilitate urination, has certain curative effect on heart edema, nephritis, gout, kidney stones, and has sedative effect. Asparagine and its salts can also enhance people’s physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and help relieve the symptoms of general fatigue and lack of appetite.

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