Four kinds of food combinations that can prevent colds:

Four kinds of food collocation

four kinds of food collocation

rice + soybean

the main component of rice is carbohydrate, its protein quality is not high, but with soybean rich in lysine, it can improve protein quality and enhance immunity.

salmon + tomato

salmon contains almost all kinds of B vitamins, while tomato contains antioxidant lycopene. The combination of the two can activate and enhance the function of cells, improve immunity and prevent the invasion of cold virus.

broccoli + shellfish broccoli

is rich in vitamin C and carotene, with strong antioxidant effect. With shellfish rich in high-quality protein and zinc, it can enhance human immunity and prevent cold.

ginger + spinach

ginger contains hot ingredients gingerol and gingerone, which have the effect of sweating and promoting blood circulation, can improve body cold phenomenon, and can enhance the effect of cold prevention with spinach rich in carotene.

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