Four kinds of halitosis food should be careful:

4 kinds of halitosis food to be careful yo

4 kinds of halitosis food to be careful yo

1, mint.

many mints claim that they can freshen breath and eliminate bad breath. In fact, they do more harm than good. Once menthol disappears from the mouth, the taste will rebound and aggravate quickly. Most mints contain sucrose, or & lt; The food of bacteria;, Bacteria in the process of sugar decomposition will release sulfide, which will aggravate halitosis.

2, wine.

alcohol is a diuretic. Excessive drinking can easily lead to water shortage in mouth, brain and body, and also hinder the normal secretion of saliva. A lot of saliva can be broken down and washed away; Odorous bacteria & quot; Therefore, once excessive drinking, it is bound to aggravate halitosis. It is suggested to drink boiled water as much as possible during drinking.

3, dried fruit.

dry fruit not only contains a lot of sugar to promote the growth of bacteria, but also contains a lot of insoluble dietary fiber, which is more likely to lead to the accumulation of sugar between the mouth and teeth. After eating the dried fruit, be sure to clean the teeth in time.

4, meat.

eating too much meat will lead to protein intake exceeding the body’s needs, and the body will decompose it into carbohydrates for energy. Ammonia (urine odor) is produced during the decomposition process, and they are excreted through the mouth.

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