Four tips about Apple:

Four little knowledges about apples:

four little knowledges about apples:

if apples are not eaten right, one third of nutrition will be wasted.

many people like to hold apples at the top and bottom, and eat them in a ring shape from the middle. Scientists have found that this way of eating will waste 30% of the pulp. It is suggested that when you chew an apple, you should pay attention to the pulp at both ends.

apple is really a diet food.

Apple has a high content of water and dietary fiber, which helps to prolong the sense of fullness. Each apple only contains 95 kcal of calories. The study found that ursolic acid in apple peel helps to increase brown fat, which is beneficial for weight loss, and reduce the risk of obesity.

apples can also cause allergies.

peanuts, shellfish and eggs are common allergic foods. However, some people are allergic to apples. Experts believe that the main culprit is the birch pollen attached to the surface of the apple, which has nothing to do with the apple itself.

apples are the most diverse food on earth.

the United States used to have 16000 kinds of apples. According to the latest data of the U.S. Department of agriculture, there are 2450 kinds of apples in the United States.

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