Four unexpected functions of eggshell!

1, cleaning clothes

most people have a headache about cleaning white clothes at home. Eggshells can help you. Boil the clean eggshell with the white clothes for 5 minutes, and then wash the clothes carefully, so as to remove the yellow and clean, and make the white clothes look like the new ones. You can also crush the eggshell, put it into a small cloth bag, soak it in hot water for 5 minutes, and then wash clothes with hot water.


. It can be said that eggs are good materials for external beauty from inside to outside. Eggshells are no exception. Scrape the egg white attached to the eggshell and put it in a clean vessel. Add a small spoon of honey and skimmed milk powder to stir it. It can be used to apply to the face evenly. After 30 minutes, clean the face normally. Stick to it and you’ll find that your face is more delicate and smooth. If you have a blackhead, you can take off the inner membrane of the eggshell and use it as a nose stick. You can use

3 and clean household utensils

. After using for a long time, the milk bottles, water cups, juice machines and other utensils in the family often have a lot of dirty things attached to them. Many mothers find it very difficult to clean these utensils. You may as well crush the egg shell, put it into the utensils to be cleaned, and then add water to shake and rinse. Using this method to clean utensils is not only effective, but also very safe!


. Studies show that eggshell has obvious effect on pain relief and wound healing. If there is scald and other trauma, you can say that crushing the eggshell for external application, or removing the inner membrane of the eggshell for external application can achieve the effect of pain relief and anti-inflammatory.

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