Fresh lotus seed is a good helper for cancer prevention and anti-cancer.

the eating method and skills of fresh lotus seed is the most important organ of the human body in daily life, All these constitute the nutrition and health care function of lotus seed in cancer prevention and anti-cancer. It is suggested to drink more lotus seed soup, which is a very good tonic porridge.

2, help to reduce blood pressure

lotus seed has a component that can reduce blood pressure, called amorphous alkaloid N-9. According to research, this component has a role in reducing blood pressure. Therefore, eating lotus seed often can also reduce blood pressure.

3 There are always some special ingredients in lotus seeds that can play a health care role. Two of them are very effective for strengthening the heart and calming the mind. One is alkaloid, which has a significant heart strengthening effect, One is Liensinine, which has a strong anti arrhythmia effect; If you feel restless, irregular heartbeat, you can eat more lotus seeds.

4, nourishing and tonifying deficiency

generally, people who are sick for a long time or who are old and weak after childbirth will be relatively weak. Lotus seed is the best tonic, because lotus seed contains raffinose, which is suitable for all ages. Therefore, it is suggested that these people can eat more lotus seeds, visit these patients, and also send some lotus seeds.

5, zhiyiastringent essence

lotus seed has a strong effect on male sexual desire control, one of which is called Liensinine, which has the effect of suppressing sexual desire. For some young men who have more dreams, frequent spermatorrhea or slippery sperm, it is recommended to take lotus seed, which will have a good zhiyiastringent effect.

Fresh lotus seeds can be used to cook lotus seed porridge, and then used to make lotus seed porridge. It is fashionable to wash the rice in advance and soak it in water for half an hour, Then put it in the pot and add enough water to cook it together until the rice in the pot is eight mature, then remove the skin of the fresh lotus seeds. After washing, remove the lotus heart, put it in the pot and cook it with the rice. After another 15 minutes, the porridge in the pot can be cooked. After taking it out, add some sugar to taste it.

2 Tea making

fresh lotus seeds not only have white flesh, but also have green lotus seeds in the middle. People can eat the white lotus seeds directly or cook porridge or soup after taking them off, while the green lotus seeds are dried in the sun, When necessary, take 3 ~ 5g, put it directly in a clean glass, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and brew it with boiling water. After brewing, drink the soup instead of tea, which can clear away heat and prevent heatstroke.

3, making sweet soup

fresh lotus seeds are also very good for making sweet soup. When making sweet soup, you need to prepare a tremella and an appropriate amount of medlar and rock sugar, soak the tremella in advance, tear it into small fresh lotus seeds, remove the skin and wash it with water, Put it together with the prepared Tremella fuciformis and rock sugar and some water into the pot to heat and bring to a boil, then boil it over low heat for 15 minutes, then put in the prepared wolfberry, cook it together for about three minutes, turn off the heat and take out to cool down, which is the delicious Tremella fuciformis lotus seed soup.

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