Fresh milk is a unique way to drink, but it is not equal to health.

milk is a common food, which is well known for its rich protein and calcium content. As we all know, fresh milk with a short shelf life contains more nutrients, while yogurt with a shelf life of one or two years may contain more preservatives, so drinking too much is not conducive to health. But the taste of fresh milk is not very good, so many people will use some unique drinking methods; Unique & quot; It’s not the same as & lt; Health;. Let’s introduce it to you.

1 Sugar can be added to milk

the lactose content in milk is half of that in human milk. Therefore, some white sugar can be added when drinking milk. It is more reasonable to add 5-8g of 100g of American milk (that is, add 10-15g of white sugar to each bag of fresh milk).

, however, sugar should not be boiled in milk at the same time. In this way, lysine in milk and fructose decomposed from white sugar will form fructose lysine, which is not conducive to human digestion and utilization, but also harmful to health.

at the same time, brown sugar should not be added to milk, because brown sugar contains oxalic acid and malic acid, which can make the protein in milk deteriorate, which is not conducive to human digestion and absorption.

2 Fresh milk should be boiled before drinking

bags of fresh milk can be directly drunk after pasteurization. However, the current quality of fresh milk is not satisfactory, especially can not guarantee the transportation, sales and preservation in a specific environment. Therefore, for the sake of safety, fresh milk is still boiled before drinking.

does boiling milk have a great influence on its nutritional components? The answer is that it’s not too big. It’s just that vitamin C is destroyed, but people can satisfy their vitamin C supply with fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, lactose was slightly lost, but the degree of loss was not high.

3, milk should not be frozen

some people put the fresh milk they bought back into the freezer of the refrigerator to freeze and drink it before drinking. Because the protein and other nutrients in frozen milk will be denatured, and the heat of reconstitution will precipitate, resulting in the loss of healthy nutrition. At the same time, milk fat floating will produce odor.

When is the best time to drink milk?

1. After breakfast,

milk is rich in protein, vitamin calcium and other nutrients, which is easy to digest. Drinking milk in the morning can not only moisten the intestines and stomach, but also provide energy for the human body in time, so that people can be energetic to meet the new day’s work and study. Here, we need to pay attention to a problem. Milk is a liquid food. If you drink milk on an empty stomach, protein can be easily decomposed into energy and digested. At the same time, it will aggravate lactose intolerance. Therefore, we’d better drink milk about an hour after breakfast, so that we can absorb nutrition more fully.


before 4 p.m. because people have been working and studying for nearly a day, they will feel tired around 4 p.m. At this time, we need to supplement nutrition for the body. Milk is rich in protein and milk fat, which can help human body absorb energy quickly and relieve drowsiness. In addition, people have no time to enjoy afternoon tea because of busy work. Drinking milk is convenient and economical, which is a good choice for afternoon tea.

3, half an hour before going to bed at night

it is often said that milk helps sleep, because the substance in milk can make people tired and sleepy L-tryptophan. And the trace caffeine in milk has a calming effect, which can help people sleep quickly. After the human body falls asleep, the calcium in the blood will drop. Drinking some milk half an hour before going to bed at night helps to supplement the calcium lost in the blood and maintain the calcium balance in the blood.

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