From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, insomnia traditional Chinese medicine and food therapy health care methods to improve sleep quality

sleep problem has been a problem, the number of rising is also a lot. More than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders, and the incidence of insomnia in adults is as high as 38,2%. How should insomnia be treated? Let’s see what TCM says.

Insomnia is mainly characterized by difficulty in falling asleep, shallow sleep, easy to wake up during sleep, early waking up, dreaminess during sleep, fatigue or lack of consciousness after waking up. Although it is not a critical disease, it affects people’s sleep quality; Virtual & quot;. Excessive thinking, dark consumption of effort, long illness or lack of kidney essence in the elderly can easily lead to light sleep and wake up.

conditioning methods are: 1, after the afternoon to avoid eating easily excited substances (such as alcohol, coffee, strong tea, etc.), night bedroom environment should be quiet, comfortable, keep the temperature appropriate. 2. One hour before going to bed, drink 100 ml of tea soaked in 10 g longan meat, 10 g purple Ganoderma lucidum, 10 g fried sour jujube kernel and 10 g fried cypress seed kernel to tonify the kidney and tranquilize the mind. 3. Half an hour before going to bed, soak your feet in hot water with 15g of Caulis yejiaoteng, 3G of safflower and 2G of cinnamon for 15 minutes.

easy to wake up and dream & lt; Heart and kidney failure;. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sleep at night, easy to wake up, dark circles in the morning, bags under the eyes are obvious, these are manifestations of heart and kidney weakness. Here is a tea substitute. It is recommended to take it before going to bed every day. After a period of time, you can see obvious improvement. Take 10 grams of purple Ganoderma lucidum, 10 grams of fried sour jujube kernel and 10 grams of lily to brew together. Drink 100 ml before going to bed. The effect of tonifying kidney and heart is very good. Severe symptoms can be combined with the use of Caulis Polygoni Multiflori 15 grams, Coptis 6 grams, cinnamon 2 grams, Salvia miltiorrhiza 10 grams of boiling water, half an hour before going to bed feet.

tired and phlegm wet after waking up. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fatigue after waking up is caused by heavy dampness, which can cause blockage of the body and damage of the spleen. The accumulation of excess dampness can cause heavy limbs, fatigue and insomnia, especially obesity

recommended crowd: general population, can be used as the Qixi Festival sweet endorsement, obesity, diabetes patients should not eat more.

materials: fresh Huaishan 250g, Lily 20g, lotus seed 20g, medlar 5g, red jujube 4, rock sugar (2 people).

cooking method: after washing Lily and lotus seeds, soak them in warm water for 2 hours in advance, peel and dice them, add 1 l clean water into the pot, put them into the pot, bring them to a boil over high fire, then cook them over low fire for half an hour, finally add a little rock sugar to taste.

What are the foods to nourish the mind and calm the nerves?

1 and

fresh lotus roots are rich in carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, starch, vitamins and protein. It has the functions of generating lotus root, removing blood stasis, cooling blood, clearing away heat, relieving thirst and appetizing. Ripe lotus root has the function of ventilating, invigorating spleen and stomach, nourishing heart and calming mind. It is the best to take lotus root with water or porridge.

2, honey

, honey has high nutritional value and good health care effect. It has the effects of Tonifying Qi, calming five zang organs, harmonizing all kinds of drugs, clearing heat and detoxification, moistening dryness and nourishing Yin, calming mind and nourishing heart. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Poria cocos is sweet and light in taste, and has the effects of Tonifying the spleen and stomach, tranquilizing the nerves, infiltrating dampness, detumescence, diuresis and so on; Long time service can soothe the soul and nourish the spirit, not hunger and prolong the life;.

4 and wheat

are sweet and mild cold in taste. They have the effects of clearing away heat and trouble, nourishing the mind and calming the nerves; The price of grain & quot; Good name《 The book of internal medicine calls wheat & lt; Valley of the heart;, Can tonify the heart, such as upset insomnia can be wheat and rice, jujube with porridge.

5, Xiaomi

Li Shizhen said Xiaomi in compendium of Materia Medica; Porridge is good for elixir, tonifying deficiency and opening stomach;. Its function lies in & lt; Invigorating spleen, harmonizing stomach and sleeping well;. The content of tryptophan in millet is the highest in all grains. In addition, millet is rich in easily digestible starch, which can make people feel full and fed after eating. It can promote the secretion of insulin, further increase the amount of tryptophan in the brain, and make people feel calm.

6 and

lotus seeds have a long life span. Many herbal works in the past dynasties believed that lotus seeds can prolong life《 Shennong’s herbal classic lists lotus seeds as top grade, which can nourish heaven’s destiny. Lotus seed has a good effect of nourishing the heart and calming the mind, clearing the heart and removing the trouble. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is best to eat lotus seed in summer.

7 The semen Ziziphi Spinosae

is sweet and smooth. It has the functions of nourishing liver, calming heart, calming nerves and collecting sweat. It can cure deficiency, restlessness, palpitation, thirst and sweating. Semen Ziziphi Spinosae has sedative and hypnotic effects. It has been proved by clinical application that both raw and fried drugs have hypnotic effect.

8, Chinese yam

, Chinese yam can clear the heart and calm the nerves, tonify the middle and Qi, help five zang organs, strengthen muscles and bones. Yam is rich in starch, protein, inorganic salt, vitamin B, niacin, ascorbic acid, carotene and other nutrients. Therefore, edible yam can absorb a large amount of mucus protein, which can prevent fat precipitation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, maintain vascular elasticity and prevent arteriosclerosis.

9, lettuce juice

, lettuce juice is bitter, sweet and cool《 It’s called “the collection of Materia Medica”; Benefit five zang organs, dredge meridians, open chest and diaphragm;. According to relevant information, Lactuca sativa stem, leaf, skin milk white slurry, with sedative, sedative effect, can help children, middle-aged and elderly sleep. Before going to bed, the effect of food and clothing is obvious.

10, Baihe

, Baihe has obvious effect on clearing heart and calming the nerves. It is suitable for the treatment of abnormal emotions caused by lung heat and cough, such as dreaminess, irritability, menopausal syndrome and other symptoms. Before going to bed, drink 5 pieces of Baihe and jujube Decoction with 30g each time.

11, pig heart

, pig heart tranquilizing, heart nourishing and blood enriching effect is also very prominent, has a good therapeutic effect on palpitation and insomnia. The protein content of pig heart is twice that of pork, while the fat content is only one tenth of that of pork. It can treat palpitation, palpitation, spontaneous sweating, insomnia, etc. You can make soup with watercress.

12, oyster meat

, oyster meat can treat insomnia, fever and restlessness《 According to Yilin zuanyao, oyster meat & lt; Qingfei Buxin, Ziyin Yangxue& rdquo; Cui Yuxi’s the book of food also contains: & lt; If you don’t sleep at night, you will not be determined& rdquo; Therefore, it is suitable for people with neurasthenia.

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