Fruit juice with Daquan

fruit and vegetable juice is the perfect match for many people to drink breakfast, which is convenient and good taste. However, some experts say that eating fruits and vegetables is to absorb its minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. In the process of making juice, many vitamins, especially vitamin C, will be oxidized quickly, and anthocyanins will be destroyed. In addition, many people only drink juice in pursuit of taste comfort, and the residues of fruits and vegetables are often poured out, which is equivalent to throwing away the dietary fiber. So what is the fruit juice with Daquan? Let’s take a look!

Many people don’t know that in the commercial production of fruit and vegetable juice, it is often necessary to blanch the fruits and vegetables. That is to say, the fruits and vegetables need to be slightly scalded in boiling water to remove the oxidase; Kill & quot; Let the organization get rid of it a little bit, and then squeeze the juice. In this way, not only the loss of vitamins is reduced, the juice yield is increased, but also the juice color is bright and not easy to browning. Especially those vegetables without sour taste, such as carrots, vegetables, celery, fresh sweet corn, must be scalded before juicing. In addition, when juicing, you can add sour fruits like lemon to make up for the damaged vitamin C.

1 , orange + carrot

carrots and oranges contain a lot of vitamins. Carrots also contain carotene, which will become vitamin A to prevent night blindness after intestinal decomposition. The combination of the two can beautify, nourish and smooth the skin.

2, Sydney + Cucumber

Sydney and cucumber are both fruits and vegetables with high moisture content, which have the effect of clearing away heat and reducing fire. The sweet of Sydney and the fresh of cucumber are very suitable for summer drinking.

3, papaya + honey + orange juice

Papaya contains proteolytic enzymes, can help protein and starch decomposition, honey has the effect of moistening intestines, orange juice contains vitamin C and plant fiber, the combination of the three can promote gastrointestinal activities, moisten bowels, improve dyspepsia, constipation and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

4, milk + Banana + papaya

milk with papaya is a classic combination, banana has high sugar content, less water, and banana juice will emit a strong sweet smell.

5, watermelon + lemon

watermelon has high water content, also contains citrulline and arginine and other diuretic components. Lemon has the effect of dispersing stagnation and strengthening stomach besides containing a lot of vitamins. The combination of the two can remove edema and relieve heat.

6 , Apple + cabbage + honey

cabbage is rich in vitamin C, calcium and carotene. Eating more apples can improve the respiratory system and lung function, and protect the lung from the influence of dust and smoke in the air. The combination of the two can soften blood vessels and prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis and constipation.

7, grapefruit + grapefruit

grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, insulin and other ingredients, including hypoglycemia, hyperlipidemia, weight loss, beauty and appearance. Studies have found that grapefruit is better than aspirin in preventing thrombosis, reducing serum cholesterol level and platelet cohesion, It also plays a certain role in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Materials: 3 kiwifruit, 1 apple, 2-3 mint leaves.

method: wash the material, peel and cut the kiwi into four pieces, and cut the apple into pieces without peeling. The mint leaves are crushed in the juice machine, then kiwi and apple are added to make juice. After mixing, drink at room temperature or refrigerate as you like. Kiwi fruit not only has excellent taste, but also has the highest nutritional value in the fruit. It is not only rich in vitamin C with whitening effect, but also a large amount of vitamin A which can reduce wrinkles. With cool mint, you can drink it after slightly freezing. The taste is even more unforgettable.

9, orange pineapple juice

, orange pineapple juice anti-aging, pineapple 100g, Orange 1, celery 5g, tomato 1 / 2. Lemon 1 / 3 / piece, honey 1 teaspoon. Peel orange, peel pineapple and cut tomato into proper size. Lemon peeled, and celery and other all into the press juice, and then add honey as you like. Ingredients: one apple, one carambola, one third lemon, honey and water.

practice: wash the carambola, remove the edges and hard edges, and cut into pieces. Wash, peel and cut the apple into small pieces. Soak in light salt water for a while. Soak apples in light salt water for a while to prevent oxidation. Rinse them before pressing to remove the salty taste. Put the apple and carambola pieces together with appropriate amount of water into the juicer, stir them for 3 to 5 minutes until they become mud. Remove the residue and bubbles with the filter. Remove the seeds from one third of the lemon and squeeze the lemon juice into the apple and carambola juice. Filter twice again to remove bubbles. Add the right amount of honey to the juice to taste. You can also cut carambola into a cup, pour in juice and decorate with apple blossom.

efficacy: enhance antibody, supplement nutrition, detumescence and diuresis.

11 , carambola and Sydney juice

ingredients: 1 Sydney, 1 carambola.


1, two kinds of fruit wash, half cut, if it is a person to drink the amount, use half good.

2, respectively dice, put into the cooking machine.

3. It’s very thick after beating. There’s a lot of slag. It’s filtered.

4. If it’s hot, you can add some ice.

efficacy: clearing away heat and reducing fire, promoting diuresis, generating fluid and relieving thirst, facilitating urination.

12 Celery and Sydney juice

celery with thick stem celery, about 100g, with a Sydney, you can squeeze a full glass of juice. Celery and Sydney juice tastes light. Adding a mint leaf in the juice has a good effect on relieving summer heat. However, if you don’t like this light taste, you can also mix tomato juice, and then add the right amount of sugar to taste.

efficacy: Celery and Sydney juice is rich in cellulose, which is the holy product for moistening intestines, defecating, detoxifying and beautifying.

through the understanding of the above content, I believe we all know what fruit juice matching Daquan has, but fruit juice can not replace fruit, juice will filter out part of the residue, which is plant fiber, long-term use of fruit juice instead of fruit will lead to reduced plant fiber intake, leading to constipation.

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