Fruit nutrition high dish point heat clearing and detoxification nutritious fruit

all kinds of fruit in our daily life


grape has high nutrition, its sweet and sour delicious, with the benefits of Qi and blood, liver and kidney, fluid, urination and other effects. Eating raw can nourish yin and remove vexation. Mashing juice and boiling honey are the best methods to treat vexed heat and thirst. If you eat it often, it will have a great tonic effect on neurasthenia and fatigue. After drying, the content of iron and sugar is relatively increased, so raisin is a good tonic for children, women and the weak and anaemic.


there is a proverb in the United States; Two apples a day, no clinic;. It means that the nutritional value of apple is very high. If you eat it often, you can prevent many diseases. Nutrition experts also found that the fruit acid contained in apples can indeed promote digestion and absorption, cellulose can promote defecation, and pectin can stop mild diarrhea. When children have mild diarrhea, they can pound apples into mud and eat them for two days, which helps to correct diarrhea. When the gum bleeds, eat an apple after a meal every day, can reduce bleeding symptoms.


is warm and sweet in nature, and has the function of generating body fluid and stopping thirst. Pomegranate can be used as a good food therapy for those who have insufficient body fluid, dry mouth and thirsty throat. Pomegranate mash juice or decoction can clear away heat and toxin, moisten lung and stop cough, kill insects and stop dysentery, and can also treat infantile malnutrition, chronic diarrhea and dysentery.


cherry is currently recognized as a fruit that can remove toxins and unclean body fluids. It also has a very good effect on kidney heat clearing and detoxification, and also has the function of defecation. In addition, deep purple grapes also have the effect of detoxification, and can help intestinal mucus composition, clear the garbage of liver, intestine, stomach and kidney.

What are the fruits of watermelon

? Watermelon is one of them. Watermelon can not only clear away heat and toxin, but also help digestion. Therefore, people must eat more watermelon in hot summer, especially those who are engaged in outdoor work or working in indoor high temperature environment. In addition, heat clearing food has the function of clearing heat, cooling blood and detoxifying, which is suitable for the treatment of heat syndrome. However, watermelon is cold, so cold constitution, deficiency cold syndrome and postpartum women should avoid food.


we have eaten pears. The flesh of pears is sweet and delicious, tender and juicy. It has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, moistening the lung and promoting fluid, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, etc Measles and senile cough, bronchitis and other diseases have very good therapeutic effect. If with honey, water chestnut, sugarcane juice with service, the effect will be better oh.

the fruits for clearing heat and detoxification are more than the above. There are many fruits for clearing heat and detoxification in our daily life, such as Kiwi fruit, strawberry, mulberry, loquat and so on. Therefore, it is suggested that you can eat some fruits properly to avoid getting angry.

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