Fruit vendors teach you how to choose fruits

the benefits of fruits are no longer mentioned. Here are some common sense about fruits. How to choose good fruit has always been a problem for mothers. The following is the secret of fruit selection. If you can choose fresh, delicious and nutritious fruits, you should learn from them!


1, watermelon bottom circle, the smaller the better, on the contrary, the larger the bottom circle, the thicker the skin, the worse.

2, the best color to choose green, do not fog white.

3. A watermelon with neat lines is a good one.

4. Watermelon head is the so-called pedicel head. If it’s a straight line, it’s not necessary. But if it’s curled up, it’s very sweet.


1, the heavier the better. The heavier the Pitaya is, the more juice and the fuller the pulp will be. So when you buy pitaya, you should weigh the weight of a single pitaya by hand. The heavier the pitaya, the better.

2, the redder the better. The redder the surface is, the better, and the greener the green part is. If the green part turns yellow, it means it is not fresh.

3, the fatter the better. Don’t choose the thin and long type, the fatter represents the more mature, sweet and not astringent taste.


little secret of bamboos: there are several petals on the butt, there are many in it…

7 or 8 is better, and the handle on it should be fresh, tender and not dry. It’s really delicious to pick it out, and it has more water.

and if the shell is hard, it means it’s broken.

the medium to small should be selected. Fresh mangosteen is green with dark purplish red peel. The shell is soft and elastic when pinched. After opening, the flesh inside is pure white. If you pinch the shell with your thumb and index finger, you can squeeze out shallow fingerprints, indicating that it is mature. If the shell is as hard as a stone, you can’t eat it. The shell of mangosteen is easy to dry when the wind blows. It is recommended to buy as much as you eat.


mango variety: egg awn (Fujian name), rich flavor, oval shape, orange flesh, as big as small eggs, super sweet and super fragrant, suitable for juicing, juice is very thick, can be mixed with some light honey water; Slightly worse than the egg awn is the waist awn, which is shaped like a piggy waist. The flesh is yellow, some are light yellow, and the core is very thin. This kind of mango is very sweet, but its flavor is not as good as the egg awn; There are Ivory awn, Princess awn, not ripe, there will be some astringent, sour. There is also a Green Mango Green awn, sweeter than the yellow one.

selection: Mango must be plump, round, not soft, not hard, pure color, fragrance can be smelled from a long distance, without spots (spots are rotten from the inside), smell the fragrance, select about 8% ripe, put it for one or two days, then you can eat it, buy ripe mango, you can look at the root of mango, Should be very fresh, no water, at the same time, the skin can not wrinkle, that kind of water has no.

mango juice has an ingredient that is not good for the skin, so it’s better to cut it into small pieces when eating. Don’t touch the skin and lips, so it’s good.

Hami melon, cantaloupe:

choose white melon should choose smaller melon, melon big part without navel, but a little green, this is the first leaf of a melon knot, better to pick, because the long small. Another is to pick the navel, the bigger the navel, the better. Click the part of the navel that is softer. Smell the bottom of the melon, and the fragrant melon is good and sweet.

choose Hami melon with coarse and dense reticulation, and smell strong aroma.

when you buy any melon, the end that is not connected with the seedling is concave, which is ripe, good and sweet.


Fuji should choose the kind that looks a little bit, yellow in red, such a general soil is yellow, crisp and sweet, and a little acid, taste very good. Do not pick a little bit of red in the green, such, the general taste is a little weak, water may also be a lot, but sweet must not.

authentic Fuji apples on the table are crooked, there is no correct, otherwise it must not be authentic, the color can not be particularly red, some pink, and not red into a piece, to choose a lot of red silk that, and “navel” to sink deep, so sweet. There are many pockmarks on the skin, which are crisp and echo when you flick them with your fingers. They are sweet and crisp.

to buy apples (mainly red Fuji), it is best to choose the appearance of strip red (called “strip red”), and red inside some yellow. That kind of apple is brittle, juicy and sweet.


durian pick strong fragrance, a little split, you can see the flesh inside soft waxy, and never wet, the flesh is relatively slender, golden, fuller fruit shape, the shell is thinner, the flesh will be more petals. The oblong one has a thick shell and a thin pulp. When selecting the shell, yellow with green is better.

how to choose durian correctly:

1, listen to the sound, shake a few times, there is a voice on behalf of durian can eat.

2, look at the color, choose the yellow color, do not choose the green, yellow is usually more mature.

3. According to the size, durian is big and full of water, sweet enough. The more hills there are, the more meat there is. There is more meat in it. A mature durian usually weighs 3-5 Jin.

4. The selection of dehiscent durian (NATURAL dehiscence) indicates that durian is mature enough.

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6, look at the weight, the same size of durian, light durian core is small, heavy durian core is big, light durian can eat soon.


when choosing litchi, you should choose the one with uneven skin and deep grain, which is usually small core! And the kind of smooth and flat surface, the general core is very big! Not only the surface should be ruddy, but also the pinching should be full and elastic. If it is not elastic and very soft, it feels a little empty, which means it has been put for a long time. You can also gently press the tail of litchi. If it feels soft, it doesn’t press hard objects, generally speaking, the core is relatively small. If you can feel hard objects, it is generally large.

there is a seam in the middle of litchi. As long as you bite it gently along that direction, if you don’t feel dirty, you can pinch it gently with your hand, and the shell will crack automatically.

litchi selection:

1, handle, first hold in the hand gently pinch: Good: with your fingers slightly press the fruit feel tight hard bad: slightly press the fruit feel soft.

2, look at the appearance: Good: the skin is fresh, the color is dark red, the fruit stalk is fresh, the flesh is white.

3 and teach again are two tips taught by the fruit farmers in the South litchi garden:

, a look at the head of litchi. If the head of litchi is sharp and the density of “nails” on the epidermis is high, it means that litchi is not mature enough, otherwise it is a mature litchi.

two look at the shell, flat lobes, clear suture, such litchi must be extremely sweet, do not believe it to try! The real fresh litchi looks from the appearance, the color is not very bright, dark red slightly green, no smell.

bad: the peel is dark brown or black, and the juice extravasates. The flesh is red.


pear to choose the mother, delicate and juicy and sweet. Female, is the top of the nest to choose even, navel deep, round around the navel, the root of the thick

distinguish between male and female methods:

eat pears also have male and female points, female pear flesh is small, delicate and juicy,

buy pears look at the bottom of the pear, the female pear is a round smooth deep nest, the tail of the male pear is like a flower.


grapes to pick the whole bunch full, a dense kind of long, first smell the aroma, strong fruit before buying. If winter pick grapes, be sure to buy fresh. Do not look at the fruit, to see the stem, fresh grapes, stem hard, bright green. When the color turns dark brown and soft, the grapes have been picked for a long time. Although the grapes may look firmer, they are actually the result of low temperature storage, not really fresh. Buy “Rose” grapes in particular, this small fruit is not easy to preserve.


banana do not choose two ends with green, that is processed, and the size is not too big, smaller banana is good, to mellow, do not have edges and corners is a good banana, normal yellow, slightly sesame point.


the most important thing to choose peaches is to smell the fragrance. The more fragrant the peaches are, the sweeter they are. Usually, the appearance is not very good-looking. If you choose the peaches that are not too soft, they have a small tip on them.


strawberries do not buy too red, the more bright the color is, the more sour, red with a little white strawberries are the most sweet. When buying strawberries, don’t choose a very large, strange shape, choose the same size, smaller is safer, color is not particularly red, it’s better to bring a little white inside.


papaya is also divided into male and female, big belly is female, sweet. General pick drum belly, the surface of a lot of spots, color just yellow, touch is not very soft kind. If there’s something gelatinous on the surface, it doesn’t matter. It’s sugar glue. It’s sweet. If you want to eat papaya immediately, you should choose the yellow skin, but it can’t be too soft. This papaya is sweet but not rotten. If you make papaya and spareribs soup, you need to buy green skin papaya that is not fully mature. Of course, this kind of papaya is relatively hard and is not eaten raw. When mature, the skin is yellow and can be eaten as fruit. If you make dessert, you have to buy red Hawaiian papaya, which is very sweet.


choose cucumbers, don’t buy a lot of small ones, it’s hormone.


choose cherry, depends on whether the fruit stalk is new, fresh. The fresh fruit stalk is green, and the fruit stalk which has been stored for a long time is black. Then see if the peel is wrinkled, wrinkle that fruit off too long, loss of water.


when choosing tomatoes, don’t choose the kind with edges and corners, and don’t choose the one with light weight. It’s all made of red catalyst. To buy this kind of surface has a light powder like feeling, and the part of the pedicle must be round, if the pedicle with a light cyan, it is the most Sandy and sweet. Don’t buy things with sharp edges and very high bottom, but those that look smooth as a whole, and those with sharp edges are things that can be quickly ripened in spring. Choose tomatoes to choose the color pink, round, white skin a little bit.

fruit dealers’ experience sharing: recommended draft

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