Fruits are good, but you can’t eat them at will.

fruits are rich in vitamins, fructose and pectin, which are beneficial to human body. Eating fruits often can improve immunity, promote intestinal health, beautify and beautify, and slow down aging. Although the fruit is good, but not random eat, the following to talk about eating fruit to pay attention to.

1、 Four points to pay attention to when eating fruits: 6667

1. Don’t eat fruits with too strong sour taste on an empty stomach to avoid stimulating the stomach. They may also form insoluble substances with proteins in the stomach.

2. Don’t eat fruit immediately after eating. This will be blocked in the stomach by the early arrival of food, so that the fruit can not be normally digested in the stomach, but fermented in the stomach, causing abdominal distension, diarrhea or constipation and other symptoms. In the long run, it will also lead to digestive dysfunction.

3 Pay attention to the temperature of fruits when eating fruits. If you eat a lot of greasy food and a lot of cold fruits, it will lead to cold contraction of blood vessels in the stomach. For people with weak intestines and stomach, it will affect digestion and absorption, and even cause stomach discomfort. Therefore, eating fruits should be at room temperature.

4. Physical fitness should be considered in the selection of fruit varieties. People with diabetes should choose fruit with low sugar content and high pectin, such as strawberry, peach and so on. Anemia patients should choose longan, jujube and strawberry with high vitamin C content; Those with diarrhea should avoid bananas and pears, etc. This can be decided by consulting experts of traditional Chinese medicine.

2、 Eat fruit to divide time

1, eat bananas before meals, red dates

bananas contain high potassium, good for the function of the heart and muscle, red dates contain a lot of vitamin C, these two kinds of fruits eat best before meals.

2, after eating Huangli to help digestion

fresh Huangli contains protease, if you eat on an empty stomach, Huangli’s proteolytic enzyme will damage the stomach wall, a few people will cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it should be eaten after meals, which can also help digestion.

3 Hawthorn should not be eaten in the morning

Hawthorn has the functions of dispersing stasis and eliminating accumulation, resolving phlegm and detoxification, preventing heatstroke and cooling, and increasing appetite. But fasting food or weak spleen and stomach, can not eat in the morning, gastritis and gastric acid to eat less.

4, after breakfast to eat grapefruit refreshing

grapefruit is rich in pectin, can reduce the content of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, but because of the acid content is more, so it is best to use after meals, especially after breakfast, can quickly make the brain awake.

5, persimmon is best eaten at night

persimmon contains a lot of persimmon gum and tannins, in the morning fasting consumption, gastric acid will act with it, forming a clot, that is & lt; Weishishi & quot;, Seriously affect the digestive function, should be eaten after meals or at night.

3、 Avoid eating fruits

eat only fruits, be careful to suffer from high blood sugar or high blood lipid diseases easily obtained by fat people. Because the fruit itself is rich in sugar, if you eat too much sugar food, and less exercise, there will be high blood sugar or blood lipids. In this regard, obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver patients, as well as MM who only eat fruit diet, and pregnant women should pay special attention.

nowadays, more and more families buy Juicers and feel that drinking fresh fruit juice is delicious and convenient. However, nutrition experts remind that in addition to people with bad teeth, it’s better not to drink fruit juice. It’s more nutritious to eat fruit directly& nbsp; Because drinking fruit juice can reduce people’s intake of the cellulose rich in fruit. These cellulose can prevent and reduce diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health functions, but also effectively stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote defecation.

In addition, eating fruit directly is easy to produce a sense of satiety, and drinking fruit juice will unconsciously absorb too much calories and sugar, increasing the risk of disease.

fruits are the main source of vitamin C. vitamin C is easily oxidized in the air. High temperature and sunlight will cause the loss of vitamin C. The nutrient content of pre peeled and cut fruits may be reduced. The British Consumer Association conducted a study to test the vitamin C content of prepackaged cut fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets, and found that the vitamin C content of four of the 13 samples was half lower than that recorded in reference books.

the last thing to note is that eating more fruits is not good. It depends on your constitution. If you eat too much or too much or do not match the season, you will also get sick!

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