Ginseng fruit planting

believe that people who read the journey to the west can know that the fruit of ginseng fruit can prolong life for a long time in the novel. Although in real life, the function of ginseng fruit is not so magical, it can make people prolong their lives, and is also a good product of high blood pressure and diabetes. So now many people want to get rich by planting ginseng fruit.

in fact, ginseng fruit planting is very particular, only careful care, ginseng fruit can grow healthily, if you want to know ginseng fruit planting, you can refer to this article, because the following is a lot of ginseng fruit growers, summed up the planting experience, I believe it can help you!

the selection of planting land

generally should choose the land with sufficient sunshine, fertile soil and convenient water drainage and irrigation, and it is also very good to plant in mountainous areas with less pathogens.

whole border and planting specifications

kinds, single line border width 60 cm, double line 100 cm, plant spacing 40 cm, open hole digging fine, about 1500 plants per mu, it is best to sprinkle some pest control drugs in the hole before applying base fertilizer.

fertilization method

: firstly, pig manure or fermented cake fertilizer was mixed with soil to make base fertilizer; Human manure or pig urine should be applied on the day after planting to promote its early growth. In the next 7 days, human manure and urine fertilizer were applied, and 150 grams of ammonium bicarbonate was added into each bucket; After flowering and fruiting, 50 Jin compound fertilizer per mu, once a month, to strengthen the stem and protect the flowers and fruits.

seed raising method

: mix the right amount of basal fertilizer into the plot or wooden box of the seedling nursery, thoroughly pour the water and fertilizer, then sow the seeds with one seed and one grain in the soil, and the seed spacing is 7 to 10 cm, cover the wet fine sand, then dry the border surface with spray sprayer to spray the damp, so as to prevent the impulsive seed, and the seedlings can be sprayed from 7 to 15 days. If there is insect pest, use trichlorfon or fenvalerate to kill the pest, and transplant the seedlings up to 10 cm in length.

reshaping and pruning

“ginseng fruit” has strong sprouting power. Each plant leaves 3-4 branches between 10 cm and 20 cm as fruiting branches, and the rest branches are all cut off for seedling raising and planting or for livestock and poultry feed; After flowering and fruiting, only 1-2 fruits can be left in each bunch of flowers and fruits. In this way, the fruit is big, the quality is good, and the selling price is high.

set up the frame to protect the fruit

the branches can not bear the weight of the fruit after hanging the fruit, so we must use 60-100 cm long bamboo and wood cuttings and tie the fruit firmly to prevent the loss caused by broken branches and rotten fruit.

seeds reserved and propagated

fruits in high temperature period had no seeds, and there were a few seeds in suitable temperature period. The 1000 grain weight of seeds was about 1g, the germination rate was low, and only the fine seeding weight tube seedlings were more. For example, cutting seedlings should choose healthy and disease-free branches to cut off, then each section of 10-12 cm long, insert soil 3-5 cm, strengthen water and fertilizer management and pest control after cutting, generally 25 days later can be transplanted or sold.


ginseng fruit sprouting force is strong, should be pruned in time, from the plant 15 ~ 20 cm above, choose to leave 3 ~ 5 strong, evenly distributed branches as the main branch, the rest of all cut. 2 ~ 3 inflorescences and 2 ~ 3 fruits were left on each lateral branch, and the rest inflorescences and small fruits were all removed. Each plant can bear only 30 fruits at most. Because the stem of ginseng fruit is soft, bamboo or plastic rope should be used to build the frame at the beginning of fruiting to prevent lodging.

disease and insect control

the main diseases of ginseng fruit are Phytophthora and gray mold. Each mu can use chlorothalonil 110 ~ 150g mixed with water 400 ~ 800 times, gray mold net 600 ~ 800 times, carbendazim and thiophanate methyl 1000 times; The main pests are aphids and red spiders, which can be used alternately with 1 500 times solution of dicofol, 1 500 times solution of pyridazinone and methomyl. It should be noted that ginseng fruit is very sensitive to Omethoate or dichlorvos and should not be used.

timely harvest

when the appearance of the fruit is clear purple stripes, or no stripes, but the appearance of the fruit is bright and smooth, it can be harvested. If it needs to be stored, it can be harvested in July or August. The storage period is 40-60 days at room temperature. The fruit can be listed in the off-season from New Year’s day to Spring Festival.

ginseng fruit planting is very complex, because ginseng fruit planting needs careful care, so it is suggested that those who want to plant ginseng fruit, before planting, must understand the planting precautions, and also consult professional personnel, so that they can grow good ginseng fruit, their own fruit can sell at a good price.

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