Good eating habits, slow brain aging, two herbal tea to protect the brain

, diabetes can make the brain microvascular sclerosis occlusion, blood viscosity increased, the brain is in a state of long-term hypoxia, aging faster than ordinary people. Hypertension, atherosclerosis and so on will also accelerate brain aging. Now follow to understand it!

The brain is young, there are ways to pay attention to children’s nutrition. Studies have found that breastfeeding can promote children’s intellectual development. Infants within 6 months of age should insist on exclusive breastfeeding, and infant formula is the helpless choice when exclusive breastfeeding is not available; 7-24 months old infants still need to continue breastfeeding, but complementary food can be added, starting from the iron rich paste food, and gradually adding to achieve food diversity; Children and adolescents should develop good eating habits, not picky, regular meals, daily milk, enough water, but also regular outdoor sports.

read a book a week. People with rich life content and more brain use have slow brain aging. Reading and thinking can stimulate the brain to enrich the synapses and delay the aging process. People who often read books have higher cognitive reserve. When the brain is aging, it can play a buffer role, slow down the aging speed, and make the brain more resistant to dementia and other diseases.

exercise for 30 minutes twice a week. Geng Tongchao told reporters that going out twice a week for 30 minutes each time, such as Taijiquan, fast walking or other outdoor activities, not only benefits the blood circulation of the brain, but also has a positive effect on controlling cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. But the elderly exercise must be able to do, the body can sweat slightly. It’s not too late to start at any age《 A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that 45 minutes of continuous exercise a week can improve the brain power of people in their 50s.

eat more antioxidant food. Anti aging food rich in flavonoids or carotenes, such as tea, fruits, vegetables and nuts, can effectively delay brain aging. Many old people don’t eat meat or egg yolk to prevent diseases. It’s wrong. Meat contains cholesterol, which is conducive to the formation of myelin sheath of nerve cells; There is a lot of choline in the yolk, which is beneficial to supplement the nutrition needed by the brain.

get enough sleep. Many people stay up late and find their mental and physical strength decline the next day. Everyone should get enough sleep& ldquo; Seven hours of sleep & quot; Generally, teenagers can sleep 7-9 hours, pregnant women can sleep 8-9 hours, and children can sleep 10-12 hours a day. Sleep time can be determined according to their own specific circumstances, as long as there is a sense of relief after waking up, physical comfort, it is an effective sleep.

keep optimistic. Happy mood will affect the level of hormones in the body, the level of metabolism becomes higher, and the blood and oxygen supply to the brain is sufficient. We sometimes need to cultivate reverse thinking, optimistic view of things. For example, wrestling fracture, do not think about how unlucky they are, but think about just fracture, did not lose precious life.

seven kinds of eating habits, slow brain

1, calorie control

, calorie intake can reduce the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, such as sleep apnea syndrome, hypertension and diabetes. This is not to suggest that the elderly should reduce their caloric intake to a very low level, but step by step. Moreover, it is not recommended that their caloric intake be lower than 1200 kcal / day for a long time, especially for the thinner elderly, the caloric control should be moderate, otherwise the harm will outweigh the benefit. Old people can start by eating more vegetable salad and soup, or switch to a smaller plate to give the brain a hint: no less.

2, eat at least 5 servings (100g / portion) of fruits and vegetables every day

, research found that eating more fruits and vegetables can slow down the decline of cognitive ability. The results of the six-year study showed that elderly people who ate more than five servings of fruits and vegetables a day had a 40% lower rate of cognitive decline than others. It is suggested that the elderly in good health should eat 300-500 grams of vegetables and 200-350 grams of fruits every day.

3, the use of rich natural spices

, a variety of plant spices can add flavor to the food, but also help to reduce the amount of cooking oil, salt in the process of cooking. Many plant spices contain antioxidant substances, and have a certain effect of disease prevention. It is suggested that the old people might as well use onion, garlic, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, mint, cumin and other natural spices in their daily life to replace some oil, salt and sugar.

4, cooking meat first pickled

, there are a wide range of fat, protein, sugar and other components in food. Complex chemical reactions occur at high temperature, resulting in the production of toxic and harmful substances such as advanced glycation end products. The content of smoked meat, sausage, processed meat, fried and barbecue food is particularly high. Eating too much of this kind of food can aggravate brain aging damage. One trick that works to reduce advanced glycation end products: try to increase the moisture content of your food. For example, before cooking fish or meat at high temperature, blanch it in boiling water, or steam it or soak it (for example, marinate it with yellow rice wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc.) to let water permeate into the meat.

5, eat deep-sea fish once a week

fish living in deep-sea waters will produce more omega-3 fatty acids to maintain normal physiological activities in order to keep warm. The elderly eat some deep-sea fish, can reduce the body and brain inflammation.

6, often eat nuts and cereals

cereals and nuts can supplement omega-3 fatty acids for human body, and are rich in selenium and vitamin E, which can promote brain health. The University of Washington research shows that the intake of coarse cereals and nuts is one of the risk factors of premature death. Old people can eat some walnuts, which contain antioxidant substances, can reduce Alzheimer’s disease. However, it should be noted that the intake of nuts should be a small amount per day, and excessive eating will lead to excessive fat.

7, drink a few cups of tea every day

black tea and green tea are rich in antioxidant catechol, which can prevent the damage of oxidation to the tissues of all parts of the body. Green tea is rich in catechins, which can reduce & beta; Amyloid deposition reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby improving brain health. Drinking tea also helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and has a positive effect on reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and ovarian cancer.

two kinds of herbal tea protect brain

1, Shenqi chrysanthemum tea: 8g Panax quinquefolium, 10g Astragalus, 10g chrysanthemum, drink and take with boiling water, can resist fatigue, strengthen brain and improve intelligence, suitable for people whose physical strength and energy gradually decrease after 40 years old.

2, Anshen Yizhi tea: 10 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of longan, 4 jujubes, 10 grams of honeysuckle, daily boiled water bubble when tea, can Anshen Yizhi, improve memory, suitable for long-term use of computers, brain fatigue, insomnia and forgetfulness.

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