Green food standard

green food has always been a favorite of many people. It is said that green food is good, without any additives, and you can rest assured to choose when you eat it. What is such food? Generally, it is mainly vegetables and fruits. However, when you choose such food, you should have a good understanding of the green food standard, So that we have a good understanding of these foods and know how to choose them.

what is the green food standard? There are many aspects of its performance. The following is a detailed introduction, so that we can have a good understanding of this kind of food standards. When we choose, we can rest assured, which is conducive to our health.

green food standard:

in recent years, “green food stores” have appeared in some cities. Sometimes you can see the goods with the “green food” logo on the shelves of general food stores. So what is green food and what standards does it have?

1. The raw material producing area of the product has a good ecological environment.

2. The growth process, water, fertilizer and soil conditions of raw crops must meet certain pollution-free control standards, and be supervised by the environmental protection monitoring center of the Department of land reclamation of the Ministry of agriculture.

3. The production, processing, packaging, storage and transportation of the products shall meet the requirements of the food hygiene law of the people’s Republic of China, and the final products shall be sold only after passing the food hygiene standards of the people’s Republic of China.

through the above introduction, we also have a good understanding of the green food standard, so we can rest assured to choose such food. Such food does not cause any damage to the internal organs of the human body, and eating some green food for a long time is also helpful to the improvement of all aspects of the human body. It is a safe choice.

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