Guyu should eat more nourishing and cool food

4 April 20 is Guyu solar term.

is the sixth of the 24 solar terms and the last one in spring.

after the rain, the rainfall increased, and the humidity in the air gradually increased. At this time, the crops need rain and dew to nourish. In this period, people went out frequently and had a large amount of outdoor activities, and the whole body Yang Qi was easy to develop. Especially for patients with Yin deficiency, they were often disturbed by Yang deficiency and were forced to clear their orifices, resulting in dry mouth, dry nose, astringent eyes, tinnitus, etc.

at this time, moistening and nourishing the viscera is very beneficial. Nutrition experts pointed out that the first time for Guyu regimen is to nourish the kidney and Yin, nourish the kidney and water, and nourish the liver; Secondly, we should stabilize liver Yang, nourish kidney and soften liver; At the same time, it can strengthen the spleen, replenish qi, cultivate soil and generate gold. Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of spleen and the nourishment of kidney yin.

before and after grain rain, you should eat more cold food with nourishing Yin, such as watermelon, melon, banana, sugarcane, mango, loquat, apple, pear, persimmon, water chestnut, water chestnut, mulberry, tomato, cucumber, balsam pear, wax gourd, white radish, towel gourd, lotus root, water bamboo shoot, arrowhead, jujube, purslane, celery, light Douchi, seaweed, kelp Crabs, etc. According to the recipe, we can also take comprehensive care to make the viscera correspond to the characteristics of natural “Guyu” solar term. Experts introduced the practice of Guyu Shunan health preserving soup.

take half a Yali pear, five water chestnuts, 30g lotus root or 50g sugarcane, chop them, 15g fresh reed root and 15g Ophiopogon japonicus, and fry them in a milk pot for 1000ml. Add rock sugar to flavor them. Take 500ml of juice at 9-11 and 17-19 o’clock on the day of Guyu, and drink them at a suitable temperature. This prescription is a well-known prescription of Wu Ju, a famous doctor in Qing Dynasty. Among them, fresh reed root can clear away heat and relieve thirst; Ophiopogon japonicus Runfei Yangyin, Yiwei Shengjin, Qingxin Chufan; Yali is sweet in taste and slightly cold in nature. It is the “master of all fruits”. It is the warehouse of fructose. It can clear away heat, generate fluid, moisten dryness, remove phlegm and stop cough. At the same time, it can also regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and promote sleep; Chufa is sweet and warm, harmonizing the liver and the middle, benefiting the five zang organs, improving the eyesight and stomach; Lotus root is sweet and smooth in nature and astringent in taste. According to the herbal records, it can nourish the mind and replenish qi. At the same time, it can quench thirst, remove heat, connect heart and kidney, thicken intestines and stomach, consolidate essence and make people strong; Sugarcane under the gas and in, help the spleen and stomach, benefit the small intestine, Xiaofan quench thirst, in addition to the heart and mind upset heat.

at 17-19 o’clock on the day of Guyu solar term and the day after, take “Guyu Shunan health preserving Decoction” No. 2 to invigorate kidney qi, seek Yang from Yin, nourish water and contain wood. Methods: Angelica 60 g pig kidney 2. Boil Angelica sinensis and pig kidney with water. When the pig kidney is cooked, take it out and make it according to the cooking habit. In

prescription, angelica is sweet and pungent, with warm taste and belongs to liver, heart and spleen meridians. Sweet, warm and moist to replenish blood, pungent, warm and fragrant to promote blood circulation. Tonifying is active, and doing is beneficial. Being good at harmonizing blood is the holy medicine in blood; Pig kidney tonifying kidney qi, warming and tonifying Yuan Yin and Yuan Yang, tonifying marrow, adding life power.

traditional medicine health,

diet, meridians, exercise are inseparable, especially in the meridians, bath foot warm meridian is the most important, can not be ignored. It’s best to bathe your feet and warm the meridians from 18:00 to 21:00. At this time, when the disease of stomach meridian wants to be solved, the spleen and stomach are in the exterior and interior, and the spleen is the foundation of the postnatal, which is mainly responsible for transporting and regulating blood. Add boiling water into the wooden basin. When the water temperature is appropriate, put your feet in the water and warm the meridians for 5-10 minutes. At the same time, take 5-10 deep breaths. Then point or press Sanyinjiao, yinlingquan and Xuehai with index finger or thumb for 6 times. It can adjust the balance of Qi, blood, yin and Yang of spleen, kidney, liver and viscera.

every morning, you can do Shun’an Guyu Daogong. The best time is Chou and Yinshi, i.e. 1-5 o’clock, and you can sit flat. When breathing in, lift your left hand up and cover your left chest with your right hand; Stop for a moment, exhale, and put your hands back on your legs. Stop for a while, then inhale, lift the right hand up, cover the right chest with the left hand, alternate left and right for 5-7 times. Then kowtow, deep breathing, drum gargle pharyngeal fluid 3 times each. It can prevent and treat abdominal congestion, yellow eyes, rhinitis, epistaxis, buccal and maxillofacial swelling, swelling and pain at the outer and posterior edge of elbow and arm, palmar heat, etc.

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