Half an hour after a meal is the golden period of health preservation. The popular science of health preservation half an hour after a meal is

. Three meals a day are the basis of our normal functioning. Scientific diet and reasonable collocation can add points to our health. But if we want to enlarge the benefits of three meals, It is necessary to grasp the problem of single nutrition in half an hour after breakfast, no matter it is bread, milk and other fast food breakfast, or traditional breakfast based on porridge, fried dough sticks and soybean milk. Eating a little fruit after breakfast is a good supplement to breakfast.

the best choice is kiwi fruit and strawberry, because these two kinds of fruit vitamin content is very rich, morning intake of rich vitamins can refresh the mind, ensure the morning work efficiency. In addition, eating fruit after breakfast can also promote digestion, which is conducive to nutrient absorption.

after breakfast, you can massage your knees or knock the outside of your calves. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the stomach meridian dominates from 7 to 9 o’clock in the morning, which is called “Stomach Meridian” in the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine; Longevity classic;, Through the knee. About 20 minutes after a meal, rubbing the knee joint repeatedly with your hand can make the stomach channel unobstructed. In the cold winter, it can also drive away the cold and protect the joints. It is a good way to keep in good health. In addition, you can also tap the outside of the leg for 5 minutes, where there is one of the most important acupoints in the body & mdash& mdash; Zusanli, patting after meals helps to prolong life& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; It should be reminded that many old people are used to exercise in the morning, but half an hour after dinner is not a good time for exercise. Wu Dazhen said that exercise immediately after eating can easily cause indigestion. If the intensity of exercise is high, it can also cause abdominal pain or gastrointestinal diseases, which is also dangerous for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, after breakfast at least half an hour to exercise.


1, eat some fruit

, half an hour after breakfast, eat a little fruit, is a good supplement.

the best choice is some vitamin rich fruits, such as Kiwi fruit and jujube. Morning intake of rich vitamins can refresh the mind, to ensure the efficiency of the morning.


1, take a nap

half an hour after lunch is the key time to adjust the physical and mental state. Middle aged and elderly friends can take a nap at this time.

2, stretch your waist, stand on tiptoe, take a deep breath

. If you can’t sleep, you’d better rest your throat, especially for those who talk more. You can use this time to stretch your waist, stand on tiptoe and take a deep breath to refresh your mind.

[avoid] drink strong tea

many middle-aged and old people like to drink strong tea, but drinking strong tea after meals will affect the absorption of protein.

long term habit of drinking strong tea after meals will hinder the absorption of iron.

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