Have you broken the bad habit of eating breakfast?

Have you broken the bad habit of eating breakfast?

have you broken the bad habit of eating breakfast?

as the saying goes, good; The plan of the day is in the morning;, A healthy breakfast can supplement the nutrition lost in the evening and the energy in the morning. But now, in order to sleep for a few minutes, office workers have already saved breakfast. Some people even develop very serious bad habits when eating breakfast, which will directly wipe out the benefits of breakfast, and may also harm their health.

situation 1, eat breakfast too early

consequences: damage to the stomach. Under normal circumstances, people will feel hungry when they go to bed together in the morning, so eating breakfast after getting up has become a natural rule. But in fact, there are many people who get up at 5 or 6 o’clock in their life, but they also have the best time to eat breakfast. Eating too early is not only not good for their health, but also can hurt their intestines and stomach. Because our intestines and stomach only enter the rest state in the early morning, if we eat breakfast too early, it will delay the rest of our intestines and stomach. Therefore, the best time to eat breakfast is between 6:30 and 8:30. Even if you get up early, you should postpone the time to eat breakfast. You can go to the toilet after getting up, drink a glass of water, do stretching and have breakfast.

situation 2, eat breakfast too fast

consequence: increase the risk of cancer. Experts pointed out that the most direct impact of swallowing is indigestion, doubling the risk of obesity, chewing is not fine, gastrointestinal burden increased, the risk of gastroesophageal reflux greatly increased. What’s more, most people eat food in a hurry regardless of the heat. A long-term high-temperature diet may induce cancer. More and more studies have shown that food overheating is closely related to a variety of digestive tract diseases such as esophageal cancer. Therefore, if you think you often don’t have time to eat breakfast, you might as well set the alarm clock 15 minutes earlier to have a good breakfast!

situation 3, eating while walking

consequence: gastroptosis. I have to say that today’s office workers are struggling to save a few minutes of sleep. Many people go out in a hurry and eat breakfast as they walk. Just imagine, the air quality outside is not good, and there is a lot of dust, which easily pollutes the food. Moreover, eating while walking will make the stomach uncomfortable, affect its normal digestion, and eventually lead to gastritis, even gastroptosis. Of course, if you have enough time, you’d better do it at home. If you can’t, you must find a fixed place to eat.

situation 4, breakfast is too single

consequences: affect the morning energy. Breakfast is not only to eat, and nutrition must be rich. If the content is relatively single and only milk, snacks and fruit meals are selected, the blood sugar level may be relatively low, which can not provide sufficient energy for the brain in time, and it is easy to have problems such as panic, fatigue and inattention, which greatly reduces the efficiency of work and learning. But it should not be too rich, especially to avoid high fat, high calorie food. Experts suggest that high quality breakfast nutrition should be & lt; Four have two don’t & quot;, There are starch staple food; There are milk, eggs and beans rich in protein; There are fruits and vegetables; There is a spoonful of nuts; Don’t fry food; Don’t grill or smoke.

situation 5, eat leftovers breakfast

consequences: cancer risk. In order to save trouble, many people make breakfast the next day ahead of time. But after the leftovers overnight, vegetables may produce nitrous acid (a carcinogen), which will do great harm to human health. Breakfast is to provide nutrition for the whole morning, so the food must be fresh. If time is really inconvenient, you can first make the food into semi-finished products, and then complete the food in the morning.

situation 6. Best partner: soybean milk filler bar

consequence: the amount of oil exceeds the standard& ldquo; Fried dough sticks with soybean milk & quot; I’m afraid it’s the breakfast choice of many people, but in the process of high-temperature frying, the nutrients are destroyed, which is harmful to human health. The fat and heat are also on the high side, and it’s not easy to digest in the morning. In addition, soybean milk belongs to medium fat food, the amount of oil in this breakfast combination obviously exceeds the standard, so it is not suitable for long-term consumption. It’s better to eat less soy milk sticks for breakfast, not more than twice a week.

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