Have you ever had all these “pseudo healthy breakfasts”?

These & lt; Fake healthy breakfast & quot; Have you eaten all of them; Fake healthy breakfast & quot; Have you eaten all of them?

1, flavored oatmeal has been sweet. Many people who pay attention to health will be used to making oatmeal in the morning. However, no matter what kind of food is, it is recommended to eat the original flavor to avoid eating the healthy food by mistake.

2. It’s not enough just to drink juice. 6667

make juice the night before yesterday and take it with you when you rush out the next morning. It’s convenient for office workers to change their taste every day. However, although juice contains high-value immune nutrients, fiber, protein and fat are not enough. Even if you drink many cups, you will still feel hungry.

3, cereal breakfast nutrition, lack of

both adults and children like the taste of grain with milk, but this breakfast is usually too high in calories and sugar, and lack of fiber, protein and healthy fat, it is recommended that before eating, put some nuts to add healthy fat, plus berries to add fiber.

4, avocado toast lack of protein

, avocado toast which is very popular abroad is also on the list! The reason is not that the healthy fat content of avocado is too high, but the main reason is the lack of protein, so as long as you add a boiled egg on avocado toast, you can eat healthy and healthy.

5, the heat of processed flour is too high

. It’s really happy to eat muffins in the morning, but even without any sauce, pure processed white flour is not healthy. The same principle can be used in bread and toast. It’s suggested to use whole wheat flour, oat flour, flaxseed, coconut oil or avocado instead of butter to reduce sugar by one third, Use maple syrup and pure fresh fruit instead.

6, sandwich menezi high calorie

sandwiches with meat, eggs and vegetables should be very healthy, but have you found it? There are too many mayonnaise fillings. Most breakfast shops offer this kind of delicious but slightly unhealthy sandwich. In fact, it’s more nutritious to make it yourself.

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