Have you made a mistake about health food?

have you made a mistake about health food?

1 eat with the health food you usually eat.

affected by publicity and advertising, many people eat a variety of health food at the same time. However, the intake of a large number of health food, but easy to neglect their normal diet, damage health. In addition, if the intake of health food contains allergic ingredients, medical institutions will be unable to find out the cause immediately and delay treatment. For people who want to try any health care products, it’s better to calm down and take more nutrition from their usual diet. Now, as long as you go to the pharmacy and supermarket, you can easily buy health care products. It is precisely because health food is easily available, so many people eat health food with their usual prescription drugs only by their own judgment. The use of health food and prescription drugs together has the risk of strengthening or weakening the efficacy of prescription drugs. Just like vitamins, excessive intake can increase the incidence of hemorrhagic stroke. If you want to take health food safely and effectively, you should discuss with the resident pharmacist of the pharmacy to confirm that it is your own necessary health food before you start eating it.

3, there is no actual effect, but still insist on taking

, many people for health and beauty, even if they do not feel the actual effect of health care products, will continue to take. However, in the end, we should develop a living habit that does not rely on health care products. Therefore, when there is no actual effect, we must stop eating immediately and continue to work hard to improve our diet and life.

4, excessive intake of

health care products or food in the end, many people will mistakenly think that it doesn’t matter to eat more. But in fact, this idea is totally wrong. For example & beta; Excessive intake of carotene can increase the risk of lung cancer in smokers. Excessive intake of water-soluble vitamins in daily life will also increase the burden on the body. Excessive intake not only will not bring the expected better results, but also has the risk of health hazards. Be sure to refer to the standard dose, do not overdose.

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