Have you made mistakes in maintaining glasses? Correct maintenance of glasses can prolong the service life of glasses

many nearsighted friends can’t do without glasses at ordinary times. Long term use, lenses will inevitably be subject to wear, how to maintain glasses? Here’s the trick.

Repair method of spent lens:

1. You can gently wipe the scratch with water abrasive cloth, then apply toothpaste on the roughened area, and then slowly wipe it with a piece of suede or similar things until it is transparent.

2. If the trace is very small, you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently wipe along the scratch direction, so that you can cover the scratch, or breathe in front of the lens. Rub in one direction.

3. You can use a fine cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste to wipe back and forth where there is a scratch on the lens. You can only move in a straight line in one direction all the time. Do not draw a circle. The power is medium and heavy. If it’s too light, it won’t work. The frequency of wiping can be a little faster.

4. If you are worried about not handling it well, you can take your glasses to the optician’s shop to polish them. If the lens cost is serious, consider changing the lens.

Mistakes in lens maintenance

1. Many people have a habit of wiping the lens repeatedly when there are traces. When they find that the glasses are dirty, they pull up the corners of their clothes and wipe them casually, or they see a little scratch on the lens, It’s wrong to wipe hard with a tissue. In fact, most of the scratches on the lens are caused by such improper behavior. We should wash the glasses with clean water, and then gently rub them with detergent. Moreover, we can’t rub them repeatedly. We need to clean them in the same direction. Finally, dry naturally or wipe gently with eyeglass cloth.

2. The spectacle cloth can directly wipe the lenses

. The so-called cherish the spectacles of most people is actually to replace the corner wipe with the spectacle cloth wipe. In fact, the spectacle cloth can not be directly used to wipe the lenses. Because there are many tiny dust particles on the lens, direct use of the eyeglass cloth dry wipe is like using sandpaper to scratch the lens, and the lens will become blurred over time, so the eyeglass cloth is not directly used to wipe the glasses. If the lens is dirty or greasy, wash it with tap water or detergent. After washing it with clean water, gently suck up the water with napkin or wipe it with mirror cloth. In this way, the lens will be clean and the film will not be damaged.

3. The glasses box is almost less than

. Many people have glasses, so they just leave the glasses box in a corner. In fact, when the glasses are taken off and not in use, they should be wrapped with glasses cloth and put in the glasses box. The hard lens box can prevent the glasses from being crushed. When using, do not touch the lens directly with your hands to avoid rubbing and leaving oil and sweat stains.

4. You don’t need to change the glasses if they are not broken. Many people define changing glasses as changing them only when they are broken. Even if the lens has been scratched, stained, cracked or peeled, they are still making do with it. In this case, it is recommended to change the glasses as soon as possible. Because light scattering may lead to not see things clearly, a long time will cause vision loss.

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