Have you mastered the method of healthy tea drinking

Have you mastered the method of healthy tea drinking

have you mastered the method of healthy tea drinking 6667

green tea is good for reducing fire

experts told reporters that we should drink more green tea in summer. Green tea is rich in chlorophyll, vitamin C, cool and slightly cold, has the effect of reducing fire. Green tea generally can not be brewed with boiling water, the water temperature is 80 ℃ ~ 90 ℃. In this way, tea soup will be fresh and bright, taste refreshing, vitamin C is less damaged. On the contrary, under high temperature, the color of tea is darker, vitamin C is destroyed, and the taste is bitter (caffeine in tea is easy to leach), that is to say, the tea is cooked. In addition, iced green tea is too cold for women and people with cold stomach to drink. Common green tea on the market are: West Lake Longjing, Biluochun, Xinyang Maojian, etc.

oolong tea is good for weight loss and whitening.

oolong tea is a semi fermented tea with less polyphenols than green tea, but it contains a special kind of & quot; Oolong Tea Polyphenols;, It can preserve vitamin C, and its vitamin C content is the highest in tea. Drinking this tea for a long time has whitening and anti-aging effects. Experts say that greasy food with oolong tea can also achieve the effect of weight loss. A survey shows that drinking 300 ml oolong tea is equivalent to skipping rope for 7 minutes. If you insist on drinking it for one year, you can lose more than 2 kg. Beauties who don’t want to get fat must drink more oolong tea.

if you want to choose the right tea, you need to recognize the constitution. Oh,

drink green tea in summer. Although oolong tea is very good, everyone’s constitution is different, so there are also requirements for drinking tea. Generally speaking, it is the most appropriate to drink 12 grams of tea every day and brew it in 3 ~ 4 times. The water temperature is about 60 ℃, so we should not drink overnight tea.

people who are fat and hot should drink cool tea. People who are fat and weak should drink warm tea. For dry and hot constitution, we should drink cool tea, such as green tea, yellow tea, Pu’er raw tea, white tea and some oolong tea. People with deficiency cold constitution should drink warm tea, such as black tea, Pu’er ripe tea, rock tea, black tea, etc.

experts say that people who sit in front of the computer for a long time are more likely to drink green tea, because green tea has the effect of anti radiation. Staring at the computer screen for a long time will hurt their eyes. Drinking 3-4 cups of chrysanthemum tea every day will help to restore their eyesight.

people who drink tea should pay attention to

experts remind, try not to drink tea when fasting in the morning, easy to cause gastric mucosal inflammation. 2 hours before going to bed is not beneficial to drink tea, because tea contains a lot of caffeine, drinking tea before going to bed affects sleep. People suffering from neurasthenia, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, heart disease, stomach disease and other diseases, as well as lactation, pregnant women and infants should not drink tea.

in the preservation of tea, experts say that tea is most afraid of damp odor. Tin cans, porcelain jars and colored glass bottles are the best containers for tea preservation. The containers should be dry and clean without peculiar smell. Well preserved tea should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, not in a humid, high temperature, unclean, sun exposed place.

above are some summer tea health advice given by experts. Finally, experts said that tea tasting is a kind of culture, tea quality is character, tea ceremony is humanity. I hope you can drink tea scientifically, drink healthy, drink abroad and have a good summer.

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